To The Ones Who Have Made Mistakes,

Mistakes are something everyone has universally accepted as inevitable. It is ingrained in humanity that mistakes happen, but what happens when you simply do not believe in mistakes? Of course there are times when you accidentally wrong someone, you feel that you have gone down the wrong path, or you feel that you have dropped the ball in some way. Well, answer this question — what would happen if you switched your perspective and saw the profound power in each spiral of life?

When you think that you have made a mistake — challenge yourself. Reflect on how you got there, and where it has brought you. There is a gift there. It sounds like a pass, but in reality, it is the divinity that is present in every situation, even the ones that make you panic, and set you down the self-doubt rabbit hole. Situations will always arise that make you question your motives, beliefs, patterns, and character. This is the most amazing experience you can have, because this is true soul-growth. It is in these moments that you propel deeper into the enriching parts of life in search of truly making the most of your time here.

Mistakes are your friends, criticism is your friend, having experiences that throw you into your shadow, into emotion, and into reflection are your friends. We are all connected in our ability to “mess up,” but it is so far from messing up. It is being so divinely guided to the knowledge you need to become wiser, stronger, and more fierce. It is the moment between breaking and soaring where you become free and empowered. Do not beat yourself up for the things you interpret as mistakes, but set yourself fearlessly in the path it pushed you in. Create your own twists and turns. That is the true message of the PATH OF LIFE. That is embodying this sacred symbol.

Nobody is alone in being flawed. You are divinely connected to each being, and we are all learning, growing, and experiencing every twist and turn together. Encompass humanity and the path and free yourself of the idea of mistakes. Try your best, love yourself and others, live with integrity and awareness, and watch the cosmic connections hold you during your journey. You are free, you are powerful, you got this.

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Ani Ferlise
Written by Ani Ferlise
A wild woman living amongst the trees in Oregon, I can be found listening to classic rock, talking with my cat Patrick Swayze, and playing with crystals and herbs. I am the Creative Copywriter, creating content filled with how to enjoy the little things and the magic of every day life. I live my life by Bob Dylan’s quote: “All I can do is be me, whoever that is.”