Let’s test your attention skills! Can you count how many times the word “green” is used in this post?


Pantone has announced the 2017 color of the year: greenery — a fresh new shade to ring in the new year. In honor of this announcement, we are here to help you add a little greenery to your life. Here is why that shade of verde is actually benefiting your health.

The color green has more of an impact on your soul than you realize. Green is the color associated with harmony and balance, creating equilibrium between the head and the heart. It is the color of life, growth, and renewal. It is a sanctuary away from the stresses of life, bringing us in and reminding us of our roots. Green encompasses the optimism of yellow and the calm insight of blue. This color promotes love for family, pets, and nature around us. Green is lucky, green is nurturing, green is strong.

So how can you incorporate more green into your life? We’ve got you covered.

Eat More Greens. This might seem obvious, but eating greens is very beneficial to your health and many people still don’t incorporate enough of them into their diets. Dark colored greens actually help lower cholesterol and are excellent sources of vitamins A, C, and K among other things.

Go-to Greens We Suggest: kale, spinach, collards, broccoli, and even lettuce.

Rock The Olive. Olive green and other shades of dark green are a classic fashion staple and the perfect go-to color and can be paired with almost any outfit. Check out some of our green accessories to perfect your ensemble.

Deck Out Decor. Fresh plants always make a house feel like a home. Don’t have a green thumb? That’s okay! A fun way to spice up your home is to grab faux-greenery and place the plants on side tables or in bookshelves. Plastic grass is trending right now, so hunting for the decor is actually an easy feat. Adding a little green to your decor creates a calming atmosphere, while simultaneously creating a rustic feel.

There you have it, folks! So go out and grab some greenery — you’ll start feeling better, living better, and even dressing better!

Pssst – How many times did you count the word “green” in this post? Leave a comment below letting us know! 

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Sarah Viens
Written by Sarah Viens
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