The coolest treat that melts in your hand: ice cream! Join us in celebrating one of the most beloved desserts in all of its many forms.

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

How many times have you heard that saying? Well, ice cream is definitely something to scream about. July 17th is National Ice Cream Day, but ice cream should be celebrated internationally. It is actually a fairly common dessert that can come in many forms and styles all over the world. You can find gelato in Italy, mochi in Japan, kulfi in India, dondurma in Turkey, or frozen yogurt right here in the United States. Whichever frozen treat soothes your soul, today is the day to celebrate the delicious taste of good ol’ ice cream.


For Americans, ice cream symbolizes nostalgia, happiness, and warm weather. It’s the sound of the ice cream truck’s jingle as it travels through your neighborhood or the smell of freshly curled waffle cones as you enter the local ice cream parlor. Going to get ice cream with family or sharing a carton with your friends are experiences that help build relationships. Forming ice-cream-memories with friends and family is effortless; it is a time to put all conflict or problems aside. The only conflict that may arise is deciding which flavor to try!

Whether it’s the local New England ice cream shop down the road or the Japanese mochi from across the world, ice cream is still ice cream. So go out and try a new kind of international ice cream, or maybe stick to what you know and just try a new flavor! Either way, you’re still going to enjoy a delicious frozen treat and ice cream your heart out!

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Sarah Viens
Written by Sarah Viens
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