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Elephants are majestic and intelligent creatures who are crucial to their ecosystems. Read on to find out more about these land-giants and just why they are so important:

Soak It Up

During the dry season in Africa, elephants use their tusks to dig for water deep in the ground. Not only does this benefit the whole elephant herd, but allows other animals to use those watering holes as well.

New Growth

As forest elephants eat, they create paths and clearings in the greenery. These are used by smaller animals as well as allowing new foliage and plants to grow. Elephants will also help disperse seeds of trees to allow them to keep growing in new parts of the forest.

Stay Plain

Elephants breakdown trees and thorny bushes that help keep the open plains just that… open. This helps the ecosystem that depends on the great plains to continue to thrive in their environment.

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Olivia Dolphin
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