The bonds we share and the memories we make are forged by precious moments and beloved people. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers — it’s for your mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, and everyone in between. February 14th is about love and there’s more than enough to go around.


Gifts for Moms
Maybe your mom is incredibly fashion forward or perhaps she’s a huge pet lover. Maybe she’s into yoga or loves to cook — there are all kinds of moms out there. The one thing all moms have in common is the unconditional love for their children. Make sure she knows how grateful you are for all she’s done today, and every day, with a gift that represents her generosity, heroism, and love.

Gifts for Aunts
She’s the big sister you never had, or the wise best friend who is always there to lend an ear — she’s your aunt. Aunts are cool “second moms” who play with you when you’re little, and meet you for dinner when you get older. This bond is unique in so many ways and should be forever treasured. Display your affection with a gift that represents her admiration, connection, and grace.

Gifts for Grandmothers
Grandma, mimi, nana, nonni, mammy — the list of matriarch monikers could go on for days. Regardless of what you call your grandmother, the love you have for one another remains the same. For all the times she’s stuck up for you, babysat you, or simply read you a bedtime story, show her how special she is to you with a gift that represents her wisdom, legacy, and love.

Gifts for Friends
A bestie is a rare gift — to have a companion who is loyal, caring, and fun to be around is priceless. These unique individuals make your days brighter and laughter louder. The yin to your yang knows exactly how to simultaneously lift you up and keep you grounded. For every time he or she has been your shoulder and your heart, gift them something that represents his or her loyalty, inspiration, and support.

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