Labor Day is right around the corner and that usually means an end to all things white:
Goodbye, white denim shorts.
See you later, white sandals.
‘Til next year, white linen.

What if we told you that you could rock that heavenly hue all year through? These three ways to confidently wear white post-August will have you singing a brand new tune:

1. 50 Shades of White
Ever think you’ve finally found a true stark white, but put it up against another and notice they’re both completely different? That’s because there are tons and tons of variations. From off-white to pearl to bridal, the options are endless. Since summer is most commonly linked to the whitest of whites, we recommend pulling out its sister hues for fall. Ivories, vanillas, and eggshells are all the rage this autumn.


2. Winter White
Whoever said we couldn’t wear white in winter was seriously wrong. Winter is legitimately all about the white, so why not embrace it? A strong, vibrant woman such as yourself can surely adorn some bright bridal white at a holiday party. Channel your inner snow goddess for a head-to-toe look that’s sure to turn have the other partygoers talking. Offset the solid ensemble with elegant precious pieces that will seal the deal.


3. Consider it Quartz
The beauty of jewelry is that you can pretty much wear just about anything any time of the year. Take our Crystal Quartz Gemstone Necklace for instance, it’s not quite white, but not quite not either. It’s a classic, a piece you can rock casually or classy. If you’re still not completely sold on wearing white after Labor Day, simply pair crystal quartz with practically every outfit to achieve that same essence.


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Kourtney Maglione
Written by Kourtney Maglione
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