In an interview on Tuesday night with NBC 10 Night Team Reporter Alison Bologna, Alex and Ani University President Dennis Rebelo, who is also in charge of professional development, and Alex and Ani CEO Giovanni Feroce, commented on the results of a recent survey by OI Partners that concluded The Top 8 Qualities Employers Desire in Workers.

With rising unemployment and underemployment rates, if you can review the eight traits below and answer yes, you are much more likely to get a job and stay employed.

1. contribute to improving to the bottom line
2. add value to the organization
3. work hard
4. work smart
5. achieve critical objectives
6. motivate and engage others
7. satisfy customers
8. being a team player

What’s missing you ask? Feroce says common sense, networking (if it’s productive) and following rules in business. At the end of the day, emotional intelligence plays a huge role in contributing to better business performance and the culture of a work place is critical for success.

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