Our Chain Station Collection is an incredibly unique way to showcase charms that hold a special place in your heart. But did you know that there are ways to wear your expandable chain without any charms? Here are four different looks that are unconventional, minimalistic, and beautiful.


The Lone Star

How to achieve this look: Similar to the Six-Bead Beauty below, bring only one bead to the front. Push the remaining five beads to the back of your necklace to be hidden with the adjustable bead. Let the one bead hang at any length. This understated look speaks for itself and will catch the eye of anyone passing by.

The Dangling Darling

How to achieve this look: This one is a fun take on drop necklaces. Turn the entire necklace around so that all the beads and the chain in the front. Pull the chain so that they hang down straight and move the two sets of three beads to a secure location for optimal styling. This look is geometric, modern, and an absolute favorite of ours. Best paired with a lower cut top either tucked under fabric or let loose, this style is sure to wow the crowd.

The Six-Bead Beauty

How to achieve this look: Gather all six of the beads in a line in the front of the necklace. Tighten the adjustable beads in the back of your neck and let the excess string hang down your back, either tucked into a shirt or fully visible. Adjust the necklace to your desired length, although a shorter look is perfect for layering with this look.

The Edgy Soul

How to achieve this look: Gather as many beads as you wish to the front of the necklace. This can be one, two, three, or all six beads styled together. Tighten the adjustable beads in the back of your neck and let the chain hang down. Stack as many of these plain-jane-chains on top of each other to achieve a bold layered look.

Spacious and Striking

How to achieve this look: Gather the adjustable beads and excess chain in the back of the necklace and bring only four beads to the front. Evenly space the beads out from each other with enough space between them to create a modish look. Wear this style alone or layer up for a more daring feel.

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