Get inspired by this summer’s strongest athletes with mantras that will keep you motivated throughout life’s journey.


With a little motivation and a fresh perspective, you can overcome any obstacle. Use these positive mindset mantras (along with something from the ALEX AND ANI Team USA Collection) to inspire the Olympian within you to take home your personal gold.

Mantra #1: Obstacles build strength. American hurdler Keni Harrison runs straight at obstacles in her path and takes soaring jumps to overcome them. Your real-life hurdles may seem too high to clear, and you may not look quite as graceful as you try to jump over them. But even if you stumble a bit, or even wipe out, the hurdling lesson remains: the sooner you face challenges head-on, the sooner they’ll be behind you and you can continue running life’s race.


Mantra #2: Challenge leads to adventure. Why settle for the comfy routine of everyday life when accepting a new challenge could lead to an adventure? When NFL running back Jarryd Hayne decided to change gears and sign on with the Rugby Sevens squad instead, he took a risk and embarked on an incredible journey. Setting a new goal outside your comfort zone will always lead to learning more about yourself — and no matter what, that makes you a winner in life.

Mantra #3: Low moments spark motivation. U.S. swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps retired from swimming in 2012. In the following two years, the five-time Olympic athlete went through a period of adversity, which convinced him he needed to dive back into the pool and work towards a comeback. Like Phelps, you can use difficult times as a chance to reflect, pull together your inner strength, and move forward in the right direction.


Mantra #4: Keep on keepin’ on. Even when the odds are against you, never give up. Four years ago, the U.S. women’s soccer team took home the gold in the 2012 summer Olympics, after having been defeated at the 2011 World Cup. In the face of global doubt, the high-spirited and talented team hit the field for the win. Therefore, never listen to the naysayers around you — focus on your belief in yourself. It’ll pull you through to your own personal victory.

Mantra #5: There is power in unity. Remember, life’s journey is like the one taken by the Olympic torch as it travels from Greece to Rio this year: it’s a relay, where many people work as a team, taking their turn to get the flame safely to its destination. Think of yourself as the torch and asking your loved ones to help keep your flame burning bright, especially in tough times. And do the same for them in return. You’ll be cheering each other on, every step of the way.

Written by Brittany Dandy.

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