You’ve heard of spring cleaning but have you heard of spring cleansing?


Picture this: The sun is shining, the air is warm, and you have zero plans for the day. You’re thinking about all the ways you could spend your day, but nothing seems to catch your attention. Why not try something new, like these eco-friendly spring cleansing activities?

Everything Old is New Again
One aspect of a great spring cleanse is clearing yourself of outdated ideas, energies, and habits so you can make room for the new in your life. An important instinct to hone, however, is gratitude and care for what you own. Spend time with your jewelry collection and make your favorite signature pieces sparkle. By investing the time in cleaning for and polishing your jewelry, you infuse those pieces with even more positive energy. And if you’re unsure of the best methods for a jewelry spring cleanse, here’s exactly how to clean your ALEX AND ANI jewelry so that it looks its best year-round.


What Ever Happened to Yard Sales?
Yard sales are a fun way to thrift shop for unique items you can refurbish and make your own. Look for local yard sales in your area—they are most popular in the springtime on Saturdays! This is also the perfect time to track down the coolest graphic tee or refurbish an old nightstand. These additions to your closet or bedroom will encourage a shift from winter to spring while radiating fresh, clean vibes throughout. You’ll not only be happy with the awesome deal you found, but you’ll be proud to make it your own!

Stack New Energy into Your Life
Spring is about new beginnings and no spring cleanse is complete without setting your intentions. Pull out that freshly cleaned jewelry and create a new stack that perfectly reflects your current goals. Spring is a time for fun, too, so pair a mix of bright colorful pieces with empowering symbols.

Good Friends, Good Food, Great Times
You don’t have to live near mountains and hills to take a hike! Nature walks in nearby parks and bike paths are ideal ways to get some fresh air and good exercise. Take a few friends along with you and find a quaint spot to stop for the lunch you packed beforehand. Bond with your besties while enjoying a bite to eat surrounded by our Earth’s more beautiful sceneries. The best part? Fresh air and exercise is healthy for your mind, body, and spirit.

Full Closet Clearout
Don’t wear that shirt from four years ago? No place to wear those heels anymore? Why not go through your closet and donate your clothing! Look at each item and see if you have worn it in the past 365 days. If not, then you probably won’t wear it again. Cleanse your closet by ridding it of old threads so that you can start fresh. Also, someone else may find good juju in your recycled belongings and bring the spring clearout to a full circle.

How do you rejuvenate yourself this spring season? Tweet us @ALEXANDANI and tell us your go-to eco-friendly and spring cleansing activities!

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