The list of things I’ve learned from my mother is extensive, to say the least, but I’ve managed to zero in on my favorite momisms. For all the lessons she’s taught me, and the plethora of blessings she’s bestowed upon me, I am who I am because of her and I thank her with all of my heart and soul.


I learned from my mother…

speak my mind;

always tell the truth, even when it hurts;

love selflessly and wholeheartedly;

be the best, most authentic version of myself and never compromise my integrity;

life will not always give us what we want when we want it, but it always has a way of working out – even if it’s not exactly how we imagined it;

have faith, even when it’s indescribably difficult to muster;

when handed lemons, make lemonade;

nobody is perfect, but we’re all putting on our best game face and faking it ‘til we make it;

life is tough, but the good times make the hard times worth it.


Of all the things I’ve learned from my mother, perhaps the most important notion is in knowing that no matter what, I’ll always be her little girl and she’ll always be my mom.


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Kourtney Maglione
Written by Kourtney Maglione
A 401 girl born and raised, keeping it real is how I spend most of my days. I'm a Marketing Copywriter dabbling in anything from subject lines and in-store signs to clever-as-heck headlines. Robert Frost said it best: “In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”