So many symbols of love today take traditional forms. There’s the romantic love expressed in a heart, the Claddagh as a symbol of love rooted in friendship. Healing love takes its own form, and some symbols even take a modern shortcut, like the XO used to send hugs and kisses to another. But what is the story behind Cupid? He’s a symbol so widely representative of the love celebrated on Valentine’s Day that it begs a deeper look into Cupid’s unique significance and symbolism in ancient and modern culture.


Cupid is the son of Venus in Roman mythology, and his name actually translates to “desire.” Venus is the ruling goddess of love and beauty, so it is only natural that her son is considered the god of love, attraction, and affection. There is a lot of symbolism behind little Cupid – some say he is depicted as young because love is irrational, and that he is winged because lovers are flighty and often change their minds. He is commonly shown with a blindfold as well because love is not about what you see but what’s in your heart. One thing that he is always associated with, however, is the intense love and desire that he inspires.

This Valentine’s Day, we look to stories of Cupid to humorously show us what love is not, but even more importantly, the mythology and symbolism of Cupid’s Heart highlights the amazing eternal nature of love—once you are struck with his golden arrow, you are in smitten for life. And although some stories depict Cupid’s love as flighty and subject to change, in reality love ebbs and flows, constantly evolving as we do. Also, when we think about what makes us feel the most loved, it is always something stronger than desire, it is the eternal flame that is ignited when we are united with that special person.

Sometimes love can seem as random as a shot from the heavens, but we quickly realize that every single relationship we attract – both friends and family – ultimately serves our highest good. This Valentine’s Day, give thanks to all loved ones for the lessons and blessings they bring into our lives with the I Love You Charm Bangle benefiting UNICEF. Cupid is a symbol that reminds us that love is powerful and everlasting, and when we choose to celebrate it, it inspires us to love to the fullest with our entire heart and soul.

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Ani Ferlise
Written by Ani Ferlise
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