October is filled with opportunities for love, healing, and reflection.  October has always been known for its transformative, deep, dark, magical nature. Even the most mundane activities seem to have a flare of magic. This month, as Scorpio season begins, be one with nature. Magic is afoot — embrace each day’s divinity and align yourself with its energy.

Here’s how October is shaping up to be:


Wear the Rose Crystal to enhance cosmic connections. This stone reminds you of forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and sweet, sweet love. It can help you express these positive attributes in an effortless way. When you wear this crystal, the pink ray mixed with the zodiac energy will ease your heart and strengthen your bonds.


October starts off being ruled by loving Libra. Libra energy is all about balance, harmony, discernment, and interpersonal relationships. Use this time to create peace in all relationships and channel Libra’s power of seeing all sides to start a healing process with anyone you are in conflict with. This month is aligning you to be at peace with your connections. On October 22nd, the energy shifts to powerful Scorpio, making it an unmatched time of deep connection. This will be an amazing transition from healing to strengthening and intensifying relationships, as Scorpio energy brings about profound connections to match its own power.


Soul Number

October is soul Number 22, the number of the builder. It is a number of clairvoyance, confidence, and ambition. This is a number that turns dreams into reality. Embrace the successful energy of this month and honor your purpose. Now is a time for creation and transformation.


Embrace the Cosmic Love

Love is at the forefront of this month. The new moon in Libra on October 8th is the perfect time to find balance in love in all its forms. New moons allow you to rethink, rework, go inward, and start anew. Think of yourself as a manifesting magnet right now — what kind of love do you want to experience? Think new patterns, new perspectives, new ways. Think of the way you are showing up for your loved ones. How can you act as an example of the love you wish to receive? Leave no room for guessing — be the love.


The full moon in Taurus on October 24th provides the perfect opportunity to release and embrace Taurean earthy energy. Think calming, stable, strong, and steady — a perfect tool to combat anyone acting from fear, manipulation, or emotions.

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Ani Ferlise
Written by Ani Ferlise
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