The month’s energy is all about cultivating a powerful, potent, relationship with your own mind and with others. Enjoy the abundance of cosmic connections and curiosity.

Here’s how November is shaping up to be:



This month starts off being ruled by intense and curious Scorpio energy, allowing time for imagination, passion, and emotions. This is a time where going inward can benefit you and thinking of new and creative ideas or fresh perspectives can come with ease. Scorpio energy is also all about profound connections, so go deep with yourself and others during this time. Then on the 21st, the sun enters fiery, adventurous, and dreamy Sagittarius. With this burst of energy, all of these imaginative ideas you’ve concocted earlier in the month can come to fruition. Sagittarians are fun, spontaneous, and looking to get the most out of life. Go forth and experience it all!



This month’s birthstone is the Topaz Crystal, a glowing reminder of love, fidelity, and strength. Channel this crystal’s vibration when you need a message that true love and loyalty exists. The luminous orange crystal radiates a warm, strong energy — call on it anytime and absorb all it has to offer.


Soul Number

The Soul Number for November is 11 — a number of communication, intuition, and balance. It is a master number, meaning that the people who resonate with it are here to help the world, and they are able to by effortlessly blending their heightened spiritual perceptions and abilities to communicate. Channel this number when you have an important conversation, presentation, or creative project you have.


Going Inwards to Set Outwards

This month is a cosmic dream, filled with fire fueled expansion and etheric creativity. We have an extraordinarily helpful Mercury retrograde on November 18th (yes, you read that right) that will help you heal up and settle down as planets settle down and go direct, the moon is dancing this month to take you deep then expand and get curious with a New moon in Scorpio on the 7th, and the full moon in curious Gemini on the 23rd. Here’s to finding your flow this month, going deep then bursting out the way you have always needed and wanted to.


Want to know more about the signs and symbols for November? Explore your unique Personal Blueprint for all the information you need to know. Also, be sure to share with us how you plan to use October’s energy by tagging @ALEXANDANI on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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