This month’s energy is all about collecting new information and setting it forward. Mercury goes direct (woo!), there’s a serendipitous new moon, and an amazing change of energy that takes all the inward energy, outward. Are you ready to rock this month? Here we go!


This month starts off with fiery and fun Sagittarius energy. This is a time to turn outwards, socialize, and experience adventure. The energy is aligned for you to do something you’ve never done, so go explore the unknown. It then goes into hard-working and strong Capricorn energy on the 21st – a time of great success for setting things outward for the long term. Use what you’ve collected with your adventures in Sagittarius energy to create something new the Capricorn energy.



Connect with your truth by channeling the Blue Zircon Crystal. This month’s birthstone is all about uplifting your mind in order to succeed. Your purpose is your truth, and aligning yourself with this cosmic crystal will guide you there.


Soul Number

The Soul Number for this month is Number Three – all about creativity, wholeness, and intuition. This number brings about a sense of humor and compassion to any situation. Channel this number when you need to center yourself and trust your intuition.

Find Your Magic, Baby

The new moon on the 7th is a powerful time to find your magic and set it out. Mars, the planet of action, meets with Neptune, the planet of dreams and intuition, for the only time this year. This new moon is a powerful opportunity to plant the seeds to start something new that excites you on a soul level. Sagittarian energy is all about luck, serendipity, faith, optimism, and exploring to find truth. A new moon paired with this adventurous, soul-searching sign means a time to you’re a manifestation magnet to find something that enlivens you.



Go inward, dig deep, and explore your power. You are here with purpose — how are you going to rock it?

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Ani Ferlise
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