Our 2018 holiday collection is inspired by Norway and it’s bordering Scandinavian countries, where winter comes to life. The days shorten and shorten, and the midnight sun slowly comes to life. The people of this world live amongst the darkness and the cold snow, but they celebrate and embrace it. They’re storytellers and keepers of tradition. And in their world is the magical phenomenon known as the northern lights.

It’s on everybody’s bucket list: To see the waning and waxing of the beautiful northern lights. The auroral lights can be seen all over the globe in special locations like Iceland, Alaska, and more. And since the dawn of time, these beautiful shows in the sky have fascinated us. So what exactly is aurora borealis?

The northern lights are a natural phenomenon of light that displays in the sky, mostly in high-altitude regions. In fact, the term “northern light” is limited to where you are in the world! These auroras also have nicknames like the polar lights or southern lights. In fact, when these lights are seen in the Southern Hemisphere they’re actually referred to as aurora australis.


The cause of this magical array is all thanks to magnetism. The sun sits at the center of our solar system and gives off a strong magnetic field. This energy can distort and twist as the sun rotates, creating something called sunspots.  These sunspots act as a hole for hot particles to escape from the sun’s boiling surface. These plasma particles known as solar win hurtle themselves into space and can reach Earth in about 40 hours. What we see when this plasma reaches Earth is a magical display of lights in the sky.

Look up. The Northern Lights glow with mesmerizing color and the moon and stars touch us with their light, even in the darkest sky. During long winter nights, the crystal-clear sky becomes something spectacular. Wear our newest collection this holiday inspired by this magic and let your soul ablaze.


*Photo courtesy of Unplash.com

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