A Wild Heart is someone who chases the cosmos, sometimes in a minivan.


If someone told me I would pile into a minivan with six other people and drive to Nashville, Tennessee to be in the path of totality for the Great American Solar Eclipse, I’d probably say, “Yeah, that sounds like something I would do.” 17 hours and one life changing moment later, Nashville won me over with its music, dancing, hidden waterfalls, and the most beautiful cosmic event I’ve ever seen.

The Place

Nashville: where the music is nonstop and the southern hospitality is as real as they say. Bands play every night and performers are on every street corner. Local businesses have the best vibes and there is no shortage of artisan coffee and brews. Beyond the city limits are also the most amazing hiking opportunities. Be warned, though – that southern sun can be brutal.

The Primal Power

When you walk through Nashville, you’re on the same streets of so many great musicians, past, present and future. There’s a power in that, knowing you’re where Elvis once stood. Outside the city, Tennessee is full of beautiful nature, with farmlands, woods, and incredible waterfalls. We visited Cummings Falls State Park, and with its uneven terrain and steep hike down to the gorge, it was an adventure for sure. However, nothing beats the moment when you’re standing under a waterfall and swimming in a watering hole that Mother Nature made herself.

The Night

When night comes during the day, you know you’ve witnessed something incredible. The path of totality is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. There was a 360 degree sunset of all the colors you can imagine, and the stars came out in the middle of the afternoon. The sun, blocked by the moon, was the blackest hole in the sky with streams of light all radiating around it. The town celebrateed with cannon blasts and we heard yells in the distance as the sunlight disappeared. Two minutes later, it was over, and we had witnessed everything the cosmos had to offer in that moment.

The Wild Heart

It’s not always the happy moments that push us to our limits. Sometimes heartbreak can make you do amazing things. But when you have a Wild Heart, you know that adventure, friendship, and great music can heal you. Plus, standing under the shadow of the moon can do wonders for your perspective.

Channel your Wild Heart even when it may not feel like the right time. It can lead you to incredible places.

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Olivia Dolphin
Written by Olivia Dolphin
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