Silver often takes a backseat to gold in the precious-metal family, especially when it comes to money and medals. However, if look beyond the lustrous surface, you’ll find a trove of surprising riches – from sculptural beauty and symbolic meaning to surprisingly powerful health benefits.


The pure, brilliant beauty of element no. 47 has wooed humans for centuries. The ancient Chinese valued silver more than gold, crafting it into filigreed jewelry, hair pins, and even belt hooks as status symbols. In South America, the Incas developed vast networks of silver mines, creating stockpiles of personal ornamentation, ritual objects, and temple decorations in a style that is still widely coveted today.

Beyond its beauty, silver harbors properties not visible to the eye, which can lead to our deeper inspiration and improved wellbeing. Here are seven ways to use this metal to improve your life. Enjoy the silver linings!

1. Find tranquility. Silver is the yin to gold’s yang, the ice to gold’s fire, the subtle to gold’s bold. While gold is associated with the sun, silver is linked to the moon, leading to the belief that silver brings an aura of internal change, calming our moods and subconscious by channeling lunar energy. Channel some extra lunar love with the Crescent Moon Ring Wrap or Layered Chain Necklace.

2. Embrace feminine energy. The ancient Chaldeans of southeastern Mesopotamia called silver by the female name, Nanna, while alchemists throughout history invoked female deities, including the Roman goddess Diana, when referring to this noble metal. Silver is connected with the feminine characteristics of creativity, intuition, caring, and affection.

3. Sharpen your wits. With its pure, bright appearance, silver has long been considered a sign of awareness, clarity, and insight. Its reflective properties provide a mirror to the soul, allowing us to see our inner selves more clearly — a catalyst for spiritual enlightenment. Combine silver with another symbol of transcendence, the lotus flower, in the Blue Lotus Cuff.

4. Build subtle strength. The chemical element Ag is strong but malleable. When silver is hit with a hammer, it bends and molds — ultimately becoming stiffer, a concept known as “work hardening.” The message here? If we are flexible enough to be molded into a better form, our basic integrity will only grow stronger.

5. Accentuate the positive. Silver’s positively charged ions are said to stimulate the body’s circulation, regulate temperature, and promote general health. According to Ayurvedic medicine, the metal’s natural cooling properties directly affect our nervous systems and can help calm fever or inflammation. When worn against the skin, silver interacts with your skin’s natural conductivity for optimum results.

6. Protect yourself. Talk about a silver shield! Silver’s proven antimicrobial properties may boost the body’s natural ability to fight infection. Widely documented scientific uses include prophylactic treatment of burns and water disinfection.

7. Find your balance. The color silver exists midway between black and white, in a neutral zone. Color psychologists say this represents a spirit that is unbiased, even-keeled and compassionate. Embrace this concept to experience more balanced energy levels and fewer mood fluctuations. Reinforce your equilibrium with the Cosmic Balance Expandable Necklace.

Written by Joanna Powell

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