Everything around us impacts our life journey from our friends, family, and especially our environment. Remembering to stay grounded can make all of the difference in where we end up. Each one of us has had a different upbringing which in turn affects our outlooks, morals, and our personalities. Generations from our past make up more of our future than we might believe. We are raised in our ancestor’s image and are a product of our background. Whether you are a person looking for hope and stability, someone who has a steady character, or someone who is overcoming a challenge we have the perfect charm to represent you. All of these attributes are intertwined with nature, and how we create our world views.

Nature has a way of molding us, even if we don’t notice it—it does. Our newest collection celebrates our life journey through one of nature’s most precious gifts-Trees! Not only do we get to honor the Tree of Life, now we can show love to 5 new life changing trees!

We’d love for you to share the tree that best represents you! xo

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