Longer days, warmer nights – in pastel waves and floral wonder, spring is here.


In the cycle of the seasons, few days have as much significance as the Spring Equinox, a planetary occurrence that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

The first day of spring, the Spring Equinox, is a rare moment of equilibrium on Earth: Day and night are almost exactly the same length (12 hours) worldwide, as the Earth’s axis isin total alignment with the sun and both hemispheres receive its rays in equal measure. The word “equinox” derived from two Latin words meaning “equal night.”

Cultures dating to ancient times have celebrated spring as a season of rebirth and renewal: Ancient Egyptians held the Festival of Isis and ancient Romans celebrated with the Feast of Cybele — both goddesses of fertility. Today, we count Easter, Passover, and Earth Day among our spring celebrations.

Here are four ways you can personally mark this annual rite of passage:


Tend to your spiritual self. Spend a few quiet moments today focusing on your breathing and staying attuned to your thoughts—consciously releasing frustrations with each exhale. In The Lunar Tao, Deng Ming-Dao says of the Spring Equinox: “There might be snow or ice on the ground, there might be harsh winds. The entire world is purifying itself, cleansing away the dead and dirty and moving toward balance. Shouldn’t we do the same?”

Embrace the weather of the day. Winter’s chill is receding and spring is here at last. On this day of balance, harmony, and hope, head outside and turn your inner child loose.

Celebrate the season’s bounty. Plan a meal inspired by the early spring offerings at your local market — you’ll likely find asparagus, spinach, ramps, or dandelion greens. Decorate the table with a pot of daffodils (or any of the bulb flowers that are in bloom), along with white and yellow candles to signify a return to the light.


Sow your own seeds for the year ahead. Believing in the possibilities of the future is what spring is all about. What new adventures, accomplishments, or personal goals would you like toachieve this year? In visualizing our aspirations, we take the first step towards reaping future rewards.

Now that you’ve read our facts and tips about the Spring Equinox, get out there, embrace the new day, and check out our new Spring Collection!

Written by Erin Lindholm

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