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We’re kicking off spring with a series of interviews featuring various forms of self-love. In the interview below, thirty-year-old Blair Flynn (@balancewithb) discusses the importance of taking care of yourself from the inside out.

What does self-love mean to you?

Doing things that are good for the whole body, mentally and physically. Taking care of myself in ways that bring you the most joy. Eating well and moving your body every day.

How do you try to inspire self-love to the people who mean the most in your life?

I try to inspire self-love in others by asking them join with me! Whether it is taking a yoga class together, enjoying a quick walk to clear the mind, or sipping coffee; it is always easier to do it with a friend. I try to show them how simple it is to spend a few moments alone doing something you love to energize and refresh your mind – something that is very much needed.

All images courtesy of Maaike Bernstrom (@maaikephoto)

Was there a certain instance where you actively tried to get someone to see their own worth?

Through my yoga classes, I try to get my students to see how strong and capable they are both physically and mentally. By tuning into their breath and focusing on the present moment, they can really calm their mind and begin to appreciate their bodies and strength, and also become more confident and comfortable in their own skin. Once they begin to connect with their breath, they become more at ease, less reactive, and more grateful for what is around them, allowing them to see their own worth.

What would be your message to the young women and men out there who might be struggling with the concept of self-love or worth?

It is important to be confident in your own skin and the path that you are on, without worry what others are doing. We are all different, unique, and have something special to offer, which is powerful. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on what you are doing and what you can offer to others that others can’t. You will then begin to appreciate yourself and continue to build confidence knowing the impact you have on others.

Which of this season’s symbols is your #SymbolRightNow and why?

The Blue Lotus symbolizes health and consciousness, which I strive to infuse in all that I do.

What self-love are you celebrating this spring? Use #ALEXANDANI for a chance to get your story featured online.

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