Today, we’re sharing your personal stories of breast cancer in the spirit of honoring National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Participate in sharing your PINK photos, stories and most importantly, what wearing pink means to you!

WHY PINK? Share your stories and spread the love and positive energy to bring perspective and awareness to a movement that touches so many lives around us!

If you would like to tell your story, please send to along with a picture to be posted!

“In honor of a friend, Marilyn Picerelli, who fought the fight against breast cancer with a wild and vicious spirit.  Today, when I wear pink, I think of her and her husband, two sons and all of the friends who honor her life and legacy every day.”

– Nicki Castonguay, V.P. of Charity by Design, Alex and Ani, Inc.

“Today I wear my pink in honor of my sister, Pat, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  She finished her clinical trial –  treatments at the end of 2010 and is now cancer free, but still under supervision of her doctors.  As of her last mammogram in May 2011,  there was no cancer showing up.  Although, she still travels to Boston for  follow up’s , because this was a clinical trial hopefully it will help others in the fight against this horrible cancer that affects many women in the world. Save our Boobies! Thanks for helping out with this cure!!!!!!!!!!!”

- Carleen Sluzewski, Finance Department, Alex and Ani, Inc.

“Thinking of my friend Michelle and her husband Dave.  I met these two very beautiful courageous people through being friends with the Gemma’s.  They both are inspirational and have a deep love for each other during this terrible disease.”

– Anthony Monteleone, V.P. of Affinity Sales, Alex and Ani, Inc.

“A good friend of my family was diagnosed a few months before one her son’s wedding 2 years ago. She had such determination and strength that she just stood out as an inspiration to me and to so many others. The support from everyone is what kept her positive and gave her the energy to make it through. She is doing great and was able to make it to her second son’s wedding this year!”

- Lauren Ricci, Web Order Processing, Alex and Ani, Inc.

“My whole life, I’ve been touched by women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  We are all products of our surroundings. Those women have helped shape the person I am today and for that I am grateful.  And so, today I wear pink for them – Grandma, Dorothy, Krista, Gerry, MJ and women everywhere – I love you all.”

– Molly Fogarty, Project Manager, Alex and Ani, Inc.

“My pink jump suit is signed by survivors, thrivers and the women whom I love to serve. Each day when I awake I feel blessed that I have another chance to make a difference in someone’s life. I wear pink because it carries the breast cancer patients’ and survivors’ stories – stories that when shared, are essential in the healing process. Thanks to Alex and Ani  for putting the ribbon, hope and pink together in creating ‘For Gloria’ – for Gloria is indeed our guiding angel.”

- Gary Calvino, Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation

“My mother, Linda Lind Spoerer,was diagnosed with 4th stage metastatic breast cancer in 2008. She battled that disease with everything she had. She went through surgery, radiation, and had Chemo on a weekly basis up until she lost her battle on April 14, 2010. She suffered through radiation burns, ulcers, extreme pain, and open sores on her breasts that would not heal. And never once, not once, did she complain. I watched my mother, who was a 5’11” tall, robust, independent woman, who raised 11 children, turn into a shell of what she had been. She had to, for once in her life, be “the cared for” instead of “the caregiver”. This awful disease aged her, it seemed, 20 years over night. I was lucky enough to be able to take care of her throughout the entire 22 months. My mom lived with me during her entire fight and she passed away, in my home, peaceful in her sleep. I miss her every minute of everyday and I strive to be half of the person she was. I will continue to tell her story and keep her memory alive.  I wear PINK for my mom! Thank you for what you are doing to help find a cure for this disease!”

- Barbara Lind Larson

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If you would like to tell your story, please send to along with a picture to be posted!

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