Meet Cailey – November’s Employee of the Month from Alex and Ani Boston! Read more about Cailey, her memories and of course, what positive energy she’s spreading!

I am a Sales Associate at Alex and Ani Boston and I’ve been working here for three months!

My most inspiring quote is “Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us of life’s dragons, but because they tell us how to defeat them.” – G.K Chesterton. I love this quote because I am a sucker for happy endings and truly believe everyone will find one!

I can’t put down Some of My Lives by Rosamond Bernier but lately, I’ve had to put it down because of finals but it really is a great read!

All Christmas-themed music has been on repeat lately, I absolutely love this time of year.

My style is individually unique, I stick to neutral colors and I love oversized tops, scarves and simple pieces that I can dress up or dress down. My Alex and Ani bangles add something extra to everything I wear!

My favorite movie of all time is …well, I have so many favorite movies I can’t choose! Really anything that isn’t scary but has a great ending (I don’t do horror movies…ever!)

One of my most cherished memories includes, besides any day with family and friends, the day I spent with my great uncle before he passed. He was an amazing man and that day we just got to sit, talk and laugh together, I will never forget it.

My favorite thing about Alex and Ani is the pure joy it brings to people, it really does bring a type of spiritual positivity to people, it’s amazing to be a part of it also!

Today I am spreading positive energy by picking up a few delicious and sweet cupcakes from the Cupcake Truck in Boston for all my roommates! 🙂

I am inspired by anything beautiful from new fashion trends to the fresh snow on Christmas morning.

I’m wearing the most comfy scarf, jeans, Steve Madden boots and all of my beautiful, inspiring bangles!

I love Alex and Ani because, not only is the meaning behind each piece of jewelry truly awesome but the people I work with at Alex and Ani Boston are just as awesome!

My all-time favorite Alex and Ani piece is my Good Luck Charm Bangle because it has the most meaning to me, I bought it after my uncle passed because he always said good luck, without a doubt, every time we saw him. My favorite wrap is my Vintage 66, Melody Wrap in Shimmer its gorgeous!

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