If we know anything to be true it’s that people LOVE summertime. The sunshine, the carefree joy that comes with brighter days, the water, and the BBQs – we just can’t get enough!


One of our favorite parts of summer is being by the ocean. Nothing beats a gentle sea breeze and the sound of waves crashing. Even just closing our eyes and thinking about the blissful feeling of dipping our toes in the surf puts us in a much more relaxed state. Maybe we were all mermaids in another life!

Whether you live by the ocean with mermaid lineage or are landlocked, there is a sea spirit symbol that best symbolizes your life. Like any spirit animal, a sea spirit is an aquatic creature or object that best represents your true nature, and provides guidance and inspiration when you channel it. Understanding what your sea spirit symbol is can help you harness its positive qualities and embody them in your own life.

Beneath the deep blue sea lies a world beyond imagination filled with sea spirits. It is vast, mysterious, and welcomes everyone who wishes to explore its waters. Wonders surround you under the sea – be bold, take a chance, and dive deep.

Are you ready to learn what your sea spirit symbol is? Take the quiz below to find out:

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Brendon Cunha
Written by Brendon Cunha
A guy with a passion for weaving words, I enjoy reading novels, sipping iced coffee, and indulging my Disney obsession. My favorite quote is: “All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney