Meet the Warriors behind our new campaign. This fall, we called on real-life leaders who aren’t afraid to go within to let their light out. From the symbolic pieces they wear to the powerful stories they tell, see why these spiritual trailblazers are redefining what it means to be a warrior.


Tell us who you are in a few words:

I am an artist. Everything I see, feel, and experience contributes to the depth and fervor of my work. I am constantly painting, traveling, learning, and re-inventing myself through my art.

What does being a spiritual warrior mean to you?

It means being fearless.

Tell us about a moment that changed the course of your life.

After I graduated high school in Connecticut I made the decision to move to Spain for a semester to figure out what I truly wanted to do. I ended up staying for three years, Australia for a year, then New York City for 1 1/2 years — the various universities, artist communities, and bars I attended on this journey shaped my style and allowed me to blossom into the artist I am today.

What gives you the courage to keep going?

Creating is my passion, my therapy, a window into my soul. Without it, I would be lost. It’s not always a choice but more of a necessity.

Tell us your story in three sentences. Who are you really?

Let’s do three words: Traveler, hustler, and creator.

Which fall piece speaks to you most and why?

I’ve been creating a large Elephant series for almost five years now. The Elephant Two Tone Cuff is super reminiscent of the collection. I love that this beautiful animal can mean so many different things to people – strength, honor, stability, and fortune to name a few.

When it comes to picking pieces to wear, what do you look for?

I’m all about comfort, I rock a lot of rope bracelets and simple metal bangles – things that can easily survive the ocean.

Do you wear the same jewelry every day or switch it up?

I wear tons of jewelry, mostly pieces I’ve collected from different countries around the world- which are mostly things that physically won’t come off. I switch it up by adding more layers.

Tell us about a piece that helps you tell your story / share your truth.

I watch the sunrise most mornings, it’s my absolute favorite time of the day. It’s when everything is fresh and the opportunities are endless. The Thin Rising Sun Cuff reminds me of those perfect mornings.


How do you mix and match pieces to make them your own?

I like to layer and layer until I look as bright and elaborate as my artwork.

What inspired you to collaborate with ALEX AND ANI?

I love how unique everything is. How each piece of jewelry tells its own story and gives off a different vibe. It’s very similar to my contrasting bodies of work.

What’s your favorite symbol and why? Why would you wear this product?

The Shark Tooth is the boldest, therefore my favorite.

What three words would you use to describe our products?

Funky, Vibrant, Unique.

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Check out the live artwork she did for our SoHo store inspired by our Chakra Collection!

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