As our positive energy continues to spread around the world, more than anything, we love receiving messages from fans expressing what our products mean to them. It’s truly humbling and heartwarming to read how our products brought someone joy, made a tragedy easier to bear, or helped commemorate an important milestone.

In the story below, Jamie shares how the Positive Is How I Live Charm Bangle brought hope and strength during her stepmother’s battle with brain cancer.


Dear Alex and Ani Co. and Ms. Rafaelian,

I would like to take a minute to tell you how much brighter you made my stepmom in a very difficult time. One month ago, my stepmom was diagnosed with stage 3 glioma brain cancer. The tumor took up a quarter of her brain. This type of tumor will never fully go away, and the survival rate isn’t very high. This entire month I have been trying to be the rock for my family. I have been as positive and happy as I possibly can be. So, last week, I ordered the Positive is How I Live Bangle for my stepmom.

From left to right: Jamie, her stepsister, Emily, and Debbie.

On Monday, we had an appointment at the hospital and she brought me a thank you gift. She had the same idea for me. 🙂 She gave me the same exact bangle that I had just ordered for her. Yesterday, Debbie had a craniotomy to remove most of the tumor. I brought her the bangle and she went into the OR with a huge smile on her face. THANK YOU. We absolutely love your company. I will be ordering more Positive Is How I Live Bangles for my sister and my grandmas. They have made us more positive.

Debbie with Jamie’s father.

Also, my best friend tweeted her story to you today and you re-tweeted it. THANKS AGAIN. You truly are an amazing company, and I am so proud to wear your jewelry.

You can read more about Debbie’s journey here.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.



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