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In the story below, Natalie shares how her boyfriend proposed to her using our Claddagh Charm Bangle last Friday, June 6th, 2014. What a wonderful start to the weekend!


I still cannot stop smiling!

I was told by my boyfriend that I must be ready by 8 p.m. because we were meeting his friends for dinner. While I was rushing to get ready, he told me he needed help looking for his watch that he wanted to wear. That is when the multi-tasking began. Eyeing the time, I kept walking around the house having no luck. I began to get nervous since the week before he had an open house.


I found him in the back room looking in the couch cushions. As he pulled his hand out from in between the cushions, he told me he had found one of my Alex and Ani bangles. I grabbed the bangle thinking I actually misplaced it and told him thanks. I looked at the Claddagh bangle and told him it wasn’t mine. He asked me, are you sure, double check and turn it over, and like a dope I did. Engraved it said, “Will You Marry Me?” I lost track of the amount of times I asked him if he was serious. On his one knee and the box open he repeated the question. “Will You Marry Me?” With a shaky hand he pulled the ring out of the box. I screamed at the top of my lungs, YES! I could not contain the streams of tears that kept rolling down my face.


After I put my bangle and ring on he took me outside to his deck where “I Choose You” played and a bottle of champagne awaited us. As we toasted celebrating our future, the doorbell rang. Our parents and siblings filed in with hugs and kisses to ignite more tears of happiness.


3 & 1/2 days later and I still get goosebumps. I want to hold on to this feeling forever. I still cannot believe he loves me so much that he wants to keep me in his life forever.

– Natalie

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