Welcome back for another installment of Positive Connections: Fan Stories!

In the story below, the owner of one of our B2B accounts, Mary Jane’s in Estes Park, Colorado, describes how one of her employees, Stephanie, is a true embodiment of our mission and how a recent act of generosity and selflessness made all the difference in a client’s day.


Yesterday I picked up the mail at the post office for the store and there was a letter addressed to the attention of one of my employees, Stephanie. When I gave it to her, she read the card teared up.

She said that a few weeks ago a woman had come into the store and had desperately wanted the silver Hummingbird bangle. She said that the woman’s mother was suffering from an illness and that the Hummingbird was the perfect bangle to give to her mom to wear. Unfortunately, we were out of stock on that bracelet. However, my employee, Stephanie, happened to be wearing her own, personal bangle that was the Hummingbird.  I also found out that my employee’s mom suffered from the same illness as the client’s mother before she died and that she had gotten that bangle to remind her of her own mom. Stephanie took the bracelet off her own arm and wrapped it up for the customer and would not allow her to buy it. I didn’t even know about this until the letter came yesterday. In the letter, the client’s mother who received the hummingbird bangle thanked Stephanie and told her how much it meant to her to be wearing the same bangle that had belonged to Stephanie and how special it was to her. She said that she hoped to meet Stephanie someday.

Stephanie is an amazing employee and she loves Alex and Ani as she has purchased several pieces for herself and for her family. She loves working the with the Alex and Ani collection and truly believes in the powerful message within the charms.

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