Welcome back for another installment of Positive Connections: Fan Stories!

In the story below, the Alex and Ani Salt Lake City team shares how Raechel found the perfect bangles to represent what’s most important to her – family.


We had a wonderful woman, Raechel, visit our store this week. A first-time shopper with Alex and Ani, her daisy and puzzle tattoo caught our bartender’s eye. When asked about the tattoo, Raechel explained that her tattoo was symbolic of her children – the puzzle piece for her son with Autism and the daisy for her daughter. Understanding the deep impact both symbols had on this mother, she was directed to the Piece of the Puzzle and Daughter charms. The Puzzle charm meant so much more than being a symbol for her son’s Autism – it also represented what an important piece her son is of their family’s puzzle. Likewise, the Daughter charm also represented this mother’s love for her daughter, whose name just so happens to be Daisy. For the extra touch, Raechel also bought the Motorcycle charm to represent her husband and his love for riding. Just like the individuality and uniqueness of each family member, each charm came to mean one thing to Raechel:  family. We are happy that she can include these meaningful charms to her arm to represent the love she has for the people that make her life complete.

Shop the Piece of the Puzzle Charm Bangle.
Shop the Daughter Charm Bangle.
Shop the Motorcycle Charm Bangle.

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