We give a lot of love to #CHARMEDARMS, and now we’re spreading it to your charmed fingers! Find a ring that fits your personal look out of these four styles.


We love seeing your #CHARMEDARMS on Instagram, and find style inspiration in how ALEX AND ANI fans build their stacks. The symbols, colors, and personal meaning that you all put together shines through in each look, and show the endless combinations that can happen with a little creativity.

Now, you can spread the love from your wrists to your fingertips with our selection of rings. Between charm rings, spoon rings, and ring wraps, you can make a statement on your charmed fingers that reflects your personal style. We can’t wait to see what you come up with using these four styles!

Charm Rings – Just like you wear charm bangles as an expression of personal style on your #CHARMEDARM, expandable charm rings lets you do the same on your fingers. Wear the Moon Expandable Wire Ring as a reminder that there is always light in life – even in times of darkness – or wear the Calavera Expandable Wire Ring as a reminder to celebrate life. Celebrate the winding path that life takes with the PATH OF LIFE Expandable Wire Ring.


Birthstones – Find a perfect birthday gift for a friend or family member, or celebrate your own special day with a ring from our Birthstones collection. These Precious Ring Wraps are crafted with 14kt gold plated sterling silver or sterling silver finishes, and each contain two Swarovski® Crystals to match your birth month.


Spoon Rings – Spoon rings are classic accessories, and we’ve taken a modern spin on this retro look with new, unique styles. Display your soul number (calculate it here!) with a spoon ring from our Numerology collection. Wear a piece of history with the LIBERTY COPPER CARRY LIGHT™ 14kt Gold Center Spoon Ring, which is made with original copper preserved from the centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Celebrate life’s journey with the PATH OF LIFE Spoon Ring, which captures the twists and turns of our journeys in its knotted design. Explore all of our Precious Spoon Rings here.


Precious Ring Wraps – In addition to the Birthstone and Spoon rings in our Precious Ring Wrap collection, there are more beautiful symbols crafted with 14kt gold plated sterling silver, 14kt rose gold plated sterling silver, or sterling silver finishes. Whether you choose to dazzle in something with Swarovski® crystals like the Starfish Ring Wrap, or to send a positive message with the Peace Ring Wrap, these adjustable rings will make a statement.


Mix and match them, style them together or rock them separately. However you wear them, be sure they speak to your personality. There’s something for everyone.

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This post was originally written by Kourtney Maglione and updated for content by Caila Ball-Dionne


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Kourtney Maglione
Written by Kourtney Maglione
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