Sure, Mother’s Day is for Mom, but it’s also an ideal time to acknowledge all the women who mean so much to you. After all, their love, encouragement, advice, and honesty have shaped you into the strong, caring woman you are today. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few ideas.


Your grandmother

She’s got wisdom, legacy, and love in spades – and has yet to be late with a birthday card! Give her a Grandmother Charm Bangle this year because…

• She recently figured out how to use emojis, and texting has never been so much fun.
• For decades now, her pantry has been perpetually stocked with the best snacks.
• When Mom said no, there was always Grandma.
• She has all the embarrassing details about your mom or dad’s childhood…and she’s not afraid to share them!

Your sister

No bond can compare to the love between sisters; it survives sweater borrowing, competing for attention, and disagreements about everything from the best boy band to where to send Mom and Dad for their anniversary. Celebrate your irreplaceable forever friend with a Sister Charm Bangle because…

• There’s no one else you’d rather #TBT tag with matching outfit photos.
• You both know all that hair-pulling was out of love.
• You still raid her jewelry box, so really this is a gift for you, too!
• Speaking of which, you still haven’t returned a few of her favorite pieces, so you really kind of owe her.

Your Best Friend

Like a sister that you hand-picked yourself, your best friend is loyal, supportive, and inspires you to be a better friend. She’s also the perfect partner in crime! Add to your stack and hers with the Best Friends Set of Two Necklaces because…

• She always has your favorite bottle of wine ready for girls’ night.
• She lets you drag her to every new workout class – even crazy ones that end with both of you upside down and laughing uncontrollably.
• She talks you through the timeless “should I get bangs?” debate at least once a year.
• You trust one another with secrets ranging from office crushes to Instagram account passwords.

Written by Caila Ball-Dionne

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