The friendships we form throughout our lives forever shape who we are, who we become, and how we see the world. This sacred relationship makes life more meaningful—each best friend gives the other an unfathomable amount of love and support over a lifetime friendship. It’s a bond we cherish, and one that only deepens with time.


Best friends are the first ones we call with good news – jobs, weddings, babies, and happy events. And also the first person holding our hand through the heartache, loss, and challenges that life brings, too. The support a best friend offers never wavers, no matter the rocky or joyous waters life throws your way. You and your bestie have created deep layers of memories and shared experiences that form a strong and unbreakable foundation. You share a single heart that beats together through life and offer each other trust, kindness, and unconditional love.

Although you certainly don’t need a holiday to tell your bestie just how much she has brought to your life, National Best Friend Day is a handy reminder that even if she knows you care, a meaningful gift is the perfect token to remind her of your lasting bond. Each of these gift ideas for best friends represents a unique way to express your affection and connection. The Best Friends Set of 2 Charm Bangles and Best Friends Set of 2 Expandable Necklaces both benefit the American Heart Association and offer a modern twist on a classic gift for your closest confidant. Representing loyalty and love, each of you can wear one, reminding the other of your infinite bond.

Nostalgic: For a friend who has known you since the playground, gift your bestie a playful reminder of those days you crafted strings into elaborate and colorful cords. Our Precious Threads and Kindred Cord Collections offer a delightful hint of vintage and a splash of color to remind her that you are one of her oldest supporters, and that you will continue to play that roll in her life for years to come.

Subtle: If there’s just something special about your closest gal pal that you can’t quite represent in the classic and nostalgic options, use our symbol wall and personal blueprint to select the personalized gift that perfectly encapsulates the positive energy that you’ve created with your bestie. Pair it with the beautiful simplicity of our Friend Charm Bangle or the delicate Heart Pull Chain Bracelet for a perfect stack.

Charitable: Since having a best friend changed your life for the better, there’s no better way to honor your friendship than by empowering others to have life-changing friendships as well. The beautiful Arrows of Friendship Charm Bangle represents the intersection of two lives and a portion of proceeds until December 2018 benefit Best Buddies International, an organization connecting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with one-to-one friendships.

For Your Guy Bestie: If you’ve had the luck and privilege of sharing your life with a guy friend who has seen you through the highs and lows of life, then National Best Friend Day is the perfect time to show him how much his support means to you. Consider pairing the Meditating Eye Men’s Cuff, which benefits the David Lynch Foundation, with the Tiger’s Eye Beaded Wrap for a truly unique look for him.

Give your best friend a gift that will keep you forever connected, and one that speaks exactly to heartbeat of what makes your friendship so unique.

Written by Shannon O’Donnell

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