Welcome to our Mother’s Day gift guide! We know it can be hard to pinpoint the perfect gift for your mother or family member. Also, many of us are on a budget, which can lead to anxiety over finding something both beautiful and thoughtful.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled some options at to help make your Mother’s Day shopping much easier. Each item was selected for its association with the holiday and special meaning. Think of it as our way of sending a little love to you during this special time of year!


Because I Love You

Containing tokens of love for everyone on your list, the Because I Love You Collection is sure to touch her heart. With charms such as Hand in Hand and Like A Sister, it’s a great way to show what she means to you.

Shop the Because I Love You Collection.



Love Wrap and Heart Wrap

An elegant pairing of symbolism and words, our Love and Heart Wraps are beautiful additions to her charmed arm. Show her what she means to you with a simple yet powerful statement of adoration.

Shop the Love Wrap and Heart Wrap.




A collection with broad appeal, our Birthstones are sure to resonate with anyone on your list. Each bangle features a sparking stone that is both eye-catching and personal to the wearer.

Shop the Birthstones Collection.




Help her channel the powerful energy of the stars with the Zodiacs Collection. The addition of her horoscope to her charmed arm is sure to bring positive energy and show her how much you care.

Shop the Zodiacs Collection.



Light and Ignite

If she’s not a jewelry person, our Light and Ignite Candle Collection is a perfect alternative. Channel the powerful energy of the Nautical Anchor, Four Leaf Clover and more in your home or office. Each candle contains a wood wick as well, emitting a soothing, crackling noise as it burns to promote tranquility and peace.

Shop the Light and Ignite Candle Collection.


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