Meet the Warriors behind our new campaign. This fall, we called on real-life leaders who aren’t afraid to go within to let their light out. From the symbolic pieces they wear to the powerful stories they tell, see why these spiritual trailblazers are redefining what it means to be a warrior.


Tell us who you are in a few words:


What does being a spiritual warrior mean to you? 

Connecting with yourself and living life as the best possible example. Not being defeated by obstacles that may come your way and always putting God first.

Tell us about a moment that changed the course of your life. 

Last year I moved to Europe for three months and it changed my life for the better. I returned with much needed me time and a better understanding of myself.

What gives you the courage to keep going? 

My faith and love for my work. I never imagined working for anyone in life and I’ve always been a creative soul. The fact that I get to do what I love every day keeps me going.

Tell us your story in three sentences. Who are you really?

I am the big dreamer who was never afraid to go after what she believed she deserved. I don’t believe in the word can’t, I think you can do anything you put your mind to and work hard for and I have proven this time and time again. I am a creative soul at heart and thrive when I indulge in the creative process.

When it comes to picking pieces to wear, what do you look for? 

I am very visual and very sensitive to energy. When it comes to picking pieces, I go with the ones that speak to me and that I am organically drawn to. I don’t think about it too much, I go more on the feeling it gives me.  

Do you wear the same jewelry every day or switch it up? 

I like to collect jewelry, I especially switch up my earrings every day. As for rings, I like to collect sterling silver rings from each country I visit so I always alternate between those.

Tell us about a piece that helps you tell your story / share your truth. 

I love the “Music is Love” bracelet because it truly encompasses how I feel about music. I’ve been singing and writing since I was a young child and am drawn to how universal that the language of music is.

Are any of these pieces gift-worthy? Which ones and who would you give them to. 

The Tiger Cuff makes for a great gift, I would give it to the women in my life to let them know they are strong and powerful.

How do you mix and match pieces to make them your own? 

I think the key to mixing and matching is to throw rules out the window. Pick the pieces that speak to you and just style them together!

What inspired you to collaborate with ALEX AND ANI? 

I really love the ALEX AND ANI brand and have been a fan for a while now. I love the thought behind each piece and how they are made with real intention. I especially love how beautifully they layer.

What’s your favorite symbol and why? Why would you wear this product? 

My favorite symbol is the Ankh I love what it stands for and the history behind it coming from Egypt, the first organized civilization. Their history really encompasses all spirituality.  

What three words would you use to describe our products? 

Thoughtful, delicate, well-crafted

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