Bullying is the most common form of violence in our school systems, both verbally and physically. With an alleged incident occurring every seven minutes, it’s no secret that it has become a huge problem nationwide and across grade levels, leaving permanent, and many times, life-changing psychological side effects.

Today, there are an estimated 160,000 children who miss school every day due to the fear of attack or intimidation by another student resulting in a 15% absentee rate. Two out of every three teens are harassed every year. 58% of bullying occurs online. So who are you and how will you be remembered? Are you the bully, the bullied or both?

While National Anti-Bullying Month falls in October, after being contacted by an incredibly talented, 16-year-old girl from Canada named Megan Landry who had a personal experience with being bullied, we felt it was important to promote anti-bullying all-year long. Sharing our sentiment for wanting to make a (+) positive difference, we, too, ask you to stand up, raise awareness and remember that everyone was Born To Be Something.

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