Welcome back for another beauty tip with our Director of Beauty, Joseph Allaire. In the fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to let stress get the best of us. When our minds become too cluttered, we may lie awake at night or even become unhappy. As a result, our skin tends to break out due to our body’s excess level of cortisol — a stress hormone that can also lead to weight gain. However, there is a solution: The ancient practice of meditation helps combat stress, allowing you to regain clarity.

In addition, including candles with meditation can enhance the overall experience, creating a calming atmosphere. White candles specifically, represent the balance of all colors and the power of high vibrational white light. They infuse the world with positivity and are used in ceremony to bring peace and strength.

When creating our candle collection, Light and Ignite, I took these concepts into consideration. I thought about the physical act of lighting a candle and what that means. When the match ignites the wick, it evokes a sense of renewal, such as the phoenix rising from the ashes. We light candles with positive intention and the hope that they will cleanse our mind and spirit.

Carolyn and I wanted the scents of the candles to directly correlate with six of our core symbols, creating the ultimate calming and positive experience.

Nautical Anchor: An uplifting scent of gardenia and sweet citrus, the Nautical Anchor is a reminder to keep a clear mind amidst the tides of life.

Four Leaf Clover: A clean, fresh scent of herbal greens, the Four Leaf Clover brings yearlong fortune and evokes an appreciation for the gifts of the Earth.

Lotus Peace Petals: A rich, calming scent of patchouli, Lotus Peace Petals is an encouragement to rise from the darkness and flourish with enlightenment.

Path of Life: A romantic scent of soft vanilla, lime, and warm nutmeg, Path of Life celebrates infinite possibilities and positive twists of fate.

Tree of Life: An invigorating scent of sweet fig, the Tree of Life represents personal growth and evokes the eternal connection between mankind and Mother Earth.

Turn Peace Up: A revitalizing scent of citrus and bergamot, Turn Peace Up is a reminder that your thoughts and actions have the power to illuminate the world.

Not only are the scents relaxing, but so is the sound! Each candle features a wood wick, which releases a soft, crackling noise as it burns to enhance the meditation experience.

I encourage you to make a conscious effort to reconnect with your core. Meditation paired with candles is a perfect way to decompress, clear your mind and embrace the power of positivity.


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Brendon Cunha
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