May is a beautiful month of rebirth and renewal. The first day of this month has been celebrated for centuries as a time of love, growth, and abundance. Now is the time to plant the seeds for what you want to grow in the future. May is about embracing Taurean vibes to build a solid, stable plan to put into action. This month is aligned for you to create abundance and freedom.

Here’s the breakdown of this month’s energy.


This month starts off with the sun in tenacious Taurus, the Earth sign that makes everyone feel indulgent, sensual, and grounded. This sign loves to have structure and stability — so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a routine. Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which makes this Earth sign loving of all things beautiful. So eat a beautiful meal, smell the flowers, buy a new outfit, and carve out time for some self-care.

Then, on May 21st, the sun enters curious and playful Gemini. Gemini is the social sign known for their gift of gab, love of learning everything and anything, and social skills. This is the time of discovery of all perspectives, and you may find your mind moving quickly. People who are born under this sign have this as an innate part of their personality, but everyone will find themselves wanting to be intellectually stimulated while the sun moves through it over the next few weeks.

The birthstone for this month is Emerald. This green stone is said to unlock universal love. It can allow you to heal your heart and settle into mercy and compassion. When you wear this stone, you can have your spiritual, emotional, and physical body balanced, and you can attract an abundance of all kinds of love into your life.

Soul Number
The Soul Number for this month is Five — the number of freedom, variety, and adventure. This is the number of the independent, fierce-hearted, wild and wise ones. This number challenges you to embrace change and go with the flow, fully embracing the adventure of life. When you wear this number, be reminded that your energy is precious and alive, and life is meant to be fully lived.

New Moon — New Intentions
This year, the new moon on May 15th brings about a major transformation as Uranus enters Taurus, and it will stay there for seven years. This means it is time to expect the unexpected. Although Uranus is slow moving, it is the planet of revolution, shifts, and unexpected change, and the change it brings certainly aren’t slowly introduced. Within moments, everything can change. Today marks the beginning of a seven year stretch of hits of drastic, revolutionary transformative moments in everything Taurus is about — resources, finances, and the Earth.

The new moon is a perfect time to get really clear and start something new in the physical and material world. It is a perfect time to do a manifestation ceremony and write out what abundance you want to attract. What would make you feel the most stable and secure? What do you need in order to live a life of financial freedom?

Full Moon — Release What Holds You Back
This fiery full moon is going to be fun, flirtatious, and extraordinarily beneficial if you harness this energy. Many planets are dancing harmoniously to bring you luck, and since full moons are all about the end of a cycle and completion, now is a time to finish a project and put the perfect final touches on it. This full moon is also paired with Mercury, the planet of communication, entering it’s natural sign of Gemini, meaning thoughts and communication will come with a sense of ease.

As the moon is in Sagittarius, it is also a perfect opportunity to embrace all of this sign represents — travel, adventure, discovery, and experiences of all kinds. Now is the time to complete any relationship or thought patterns holding you back from that. Think of what you asked for during the new moon — security, stability, whatever you need in order to release fear with finances and give you freedom. Now is the time to fully work toward releasing anything holding you back from accepting and owning that freedom, and surrounding yourself with inspiring people and places that you’ve always wanted to be a part of.

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Ani Ferlise
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