You have the opportunity to change your life this month in an incredibly powerful way. The planets are dancing together to have you become aware of your thoughts, fears, insecurities, and relationships that hold you back from experiencing true freedom. This will show in the way you deal with finances, romantic and family relationships, and even your spiritual path. This is the month to lay a solid foundation for the future you have always wanted, both personally and societally. You may find yourself in situations that seem to have come out of nowhere that bring out your vulnerabilities and shake you up, but these are your precious keys to finally heal those wounds and become free from your fears.


Whenever you feel insecure, shaken up, or facing your fears, remember that is the moment you are about to be reborn and empowered, and it is the first sign that you are about to get the life you have always wanted. So this month, let things fall away as they will and try not to get too worked up — it is a cosmic blessing if you learn to let go, align yourself with integrity, and control what you can. The planets are aligning for you to attract exactly what you want in your deepest core, but it will first make the space to allow it to come in. Breathe, settle in, and ride this cosmic wave.

May 13th — Thoughts Become Plans
Mercury Enters Taurus

Over the next two weeks or so, expect your thinking to focus on all things grounded, practical, and down to Earth. Mercury rules over communication and thoughts and Taurus is the fixed earth sign. Use this time to focus on one thing at a time, and turn thoughts into solid plans. Try to stay open minded, as Taureans love to stick to what they know.

May 15th — Get Ready For Sudden, Unexpected, Life-altering Change
Uranus Enters Taurus – New Moon

Get ready — time to expect the unexpected. This is one of the most important days all year in terms of astrology. Uranus enters Taurus and it will be there until April 2026. Although this planet is slow moving, it is the planet of revolution, shifts, and unexpected change, and the change it brings certainly aren’t slowly introduced. Within moments, everything can change. Today marks the beginning of a seven year stretch of hits of drastic, revolutionary change in everything Taurus is about — resources, finances, and the Earth.

Uranus is also the planet of freedom — so over the next seven years, one can expect to see how their personal relationship with finances can be shifted to gain more freedom. However, these next seven years will be most significant on a societal scale. The last time this Uranus was in Taurus was 1935-1942 — the time of the Great Depression.

Fear not, this is going to be a revolutionary time and necessary changes to financial structures will be made. The key to this time is to stand for what you believe in, be flexible with your finances, and be ready to go with the flow as these unexpected changes happen and when things are revealed to us. This is all up to us as a collective to change and fix what needs to be taken care of. This is not meant for anyone to panic, but to get ready for a better future and hold that intention as a whole. Just like in personal life, change and healing can be messy. But it necessary, powerful, and ultimately the best thing to ever happen.

Uranus also rules breaking down social paradigms that no longer serve us, so even if things look bad in these next seven years, breathe through it and know that ultimately this upheavals need to happen to create a better, more equal future for us all. Everything will be beyond okay, it will be the key to the future we all deserve.

Tonight’s new moon is a perfect time to get really clear and start something new in the physical and material world. It is a perfect time to do a manifestation ceremony and write out what abundance you want to attract. What would make you feel the most stable and secure? What do you need in order to live a life of financial freedom? This is not about being frivolous — it is about knowing what you need to align yourself with in order to take away any fear with money or resources. Now is the time to put your plans into action, especially in terms of business. This new moon can help align you with success.

May 16th — Get Ready to Work Together
Mars enters Aquarius

A perfect pair with the energy of the new moon! Mars is the planet of assertion, aggression, and force. It is how we use our energy, what kind of action we take, and how we achieve our desires. When Mars enters Aquarius, the sign ruled by Uranus and in charge of forward thinking, revolution, and global awareness, our actions tend to be expressed in unique and different ways. This is a time of cooperation, being part of a collective or team, and approaching situations from an extremely intellectual perspective, bordering on emotionally detached. This is a time to try unconventional methods to achieve something you never thought possible.

May 19th — Get Ready to Feel the Love
Venus enters Cancer

Time to take a breath after the rather intense energy of the past few days and feel nurtured and warm. Cancer is the sign that nurtures and loves home and family. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, so give yourself what you need in order to feel held, and love others the same way. For the next few weeks, you may feel cuddly, tender, and extra sensitive. Give yourself some space to feel it all. Remember the only way to feel true love is by being vulnerable — and Venus in Cancer will make you feel more attached than usual. Cancer tends to be self-protective and cautious, so you may find yourself feeling scared of intimacy whether romantic or with family. Breathe through it and ask for what you need from the ones you love. It will be extremely rewarding when you feel all that love.

May 21st — A Playful Time of Connection, Conversation, and Curiosity
Sun Enters Gemini

Happy birthday, sweet Gemini! Gemini is the social sign known for their gift of gab, love of learning everything and anything, and social skills. This is the time of discovery of all perspectives, and you may find your mind moving quickly. People who are born under this sign have this as an innate part of their personality, but everyone will find themselves wanting to be intellectually stimulated while the sun moves through it over the next few weeks. This is a time of playful lightheartedness, so get curious, get conversational, but resist the urge to judge or be too in your head. If you find yourself overanalyzing anything, bounce your ideas and thoughts off of other people! It’s a perfect opportunity to create connection and see other perspectives. Try something you’ve never tried before, talk to someone you have nothing in common with, start a blog or post your ideas on social media, and flirt with a different side of yourself. Remember that Gemini is the sign of the twins — so use these next few weeks to get to know that other side of you.

May 25th — Sweet Serendipity for all Things Spiritual
Jupiter Neptune Trine

Jupiter is the planet of luck, serendipity, and success, and Neptune is the planet of dreams, inspiration, and intuition. They are dancing together harmoniously today and serving you up a cosmic time of luck in all things spiritual. Pay attention to where your thoughts and dreams go, because it is guiding you to opportunity. This is also a time when compassion is at an all time high. You may find yourself thinking of how you can help the world, and while Neptune may make you spacey and have some unrealistic ideals, you can always reach for the stars as long as you are grounded.

May 29th — Get Ready to Say Goodbye to All that Holds You Back
Full Moon in Sagittarius and Mercury in Gemini

This fiery full moon is going to be fun, flirtatious, and extraordinarily beneficial if you harness this energy. Many planets are dancing harmoniously to bring you luck, and since full moons are all about the end of a cycle and completion, now is a time to finish a project and put the perfect final touches on it. This full moon is also paired with Mercury, the planet of communication, entering it’s natural sign of Gemini, meaning thoughts and communication will come with a sense of ease. As the moon is in Sagittarius, it is also a perfect opportunity to embrace all of what this sign represents — travel, adventure, discovery. Now is the time to complete any relationship or thought patterns holding you back from that. Think of what you asked for during the new moon — security, stability, whatever you need in order to release fear with finances and give you freedom. Now is the time to fully work toward releasing anything holding you back from accepting and owning that freedom, and surrounding yourself with inspiring people and places that you’ve always wanted to be a part of.

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