Summer is the season to dive right in — which is why water is the element of this season’s collection. Water is all about feeling and intuition. Summer is a time of adventure and romance, to be free from constraints and open to change, similar to how water is always shifting, pulled by the moon, which controls the tides. Summer is the best time of year and it only lasts for a little while… so make waves while the sun shines.

See Shells, Sea Shells

Nothing says summer like a walk on the beach: the warm sand, the sun shining on the water, the shells washing up on shore. Our new Puka Shell collection pairs lucky puka shells with meaningful symbols: mirrors represent introspection, and the moon is a symbol of femininity. Wear Puka Shell jewelry on an expandable wire bangle, a 22” adjustable necklace or cluster earrings, in Shiny Silver or Shiny Gold Finish.

Also new this season are seashell statement drop earrings, made with genuine seashells. Abalone Blue Shell, in RAFAELIAN SILVER Finish, holds the beauty of the sea and boosts compassion and inner peace. Mother of Pearl Shell, in RAFAELIAN GOLD Finish, is a stress reliever believed to contain the healing properties of the ocean. Black Tahiti Pearl Shell, in RAFAELIAN ROSE GOLD Finish, is said to ward off negative energy. Wear them and keep a little piece of the ocean’s power with you always.

The Wonders of the Deep

Navigating the depths of the ocean, whales know the sea’s ancient mysteries, and possess the wisdom of the ages. Carry a piece of that with you when you wear a Whale’s Tail, which comes in an expandable wire bangle with Mother of Pearl accents in RAFAELIAN SILVER Finish, an adjustable ring or 18” adjustable necklace in .925 Sterling Silver, or Shiny Silver anklet. When you hold the whale’s tail, you discover what it is to be aware.

Channel Your Inner Goddess

Venus, the Roman goddess of love, rises from the sea atop a seashell. She and the shell she stands on are symbols of the divine feminine. The Star of Venus is a wearable reminder of your own divine nature. Wear it as a two-tone RAFAELIAN ROSE GOLD Finish seashell charm, adorned with Swarovski crystals, or as a Shiny Rose Gold anklet.

Catch a Crystal Wave

There is beauty in the ocean, but there is also immense power. Channel both of those forces when you wear the Crystal Wave Expandable Wire Bangle, which features a powerful wave surrounded by Swarovski crystals, in RAFAELIAN SILVER Finish. This charm represents the life-giving nature of the ocean, which is at once both serene and powerful, and is always pulling us toward its enchanting essence.

A Colorful Walk on the Path of Symbols

In a perfect world, you would spend all summer by the water — but in reality, it’s nice to have a reminder of a beach day with you when you can’t be there. This season’s Seaside Path of Symbols bracelets are colorful additions to your bangle stack. A Mermaid, on a purple background, and an Anchor on a seafoam green background, come in RAFAELIAN SILVER Finish. A RAFAELIAN ROSE GOLD Finish Starfish is set in blue, and a RAFAELIAN GOLD Finish Sand Dollar sits on a sand-colored background.

What’s your favorite symbol of summer? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on social for more!

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