This season, as the trees shed their leaves, shake off any negative energy and cultivate a crisp, fresh outlook.


Our Fall Collection, is all about harnessing the power within to achieve greatness. However, everyday life and stress can sometimes get in the way. Read on for a few surprising ways to stomp out stress and make things happen.

Tip 1: Reread Personalized Facebook Comments
A new study from Carnegie Mellon University shows that spending time on Facebook can give you a major happiness boost. Specifically, reading personalized posts or comments had a major impact on people’s feelings of well-being and life satisfaction — equal to getting married or having a baby! The magic number for this effect? Reading 60 comments throughout one month’s time from close friends. Next time you’re feeling blue, reread the good wishes left on your feed on your birthday. Instant warm fuzzies. And while you’re there, leave some personalized comments for your friends and share the happy.

Tip 2: Share Your Pics
Researchers at the University of California, Irvine discovered that sharing pictures with friends can help make you happier and relieve stress. The four-week study with 41 college students found that people who took photos of things that made them happy became more reflective and appreciative (may we suggest a #CHARMEDARM pic if you’re looking for inspiration?); and those who sent photos to others became calmer and reported that connection to friends and family helped relieve stress.

Tip 3: Master a New Skill — Faster
Doesn’t it feel good to learn something new? And isn’t it great when the skill comes easy? According to new study published in Nature, the trick to making something stick in your long-term memory is to pair it with something that’s attention-grabbing enough to activate the release of memory-enhancing chemicals in your brain.This could be as simple as playing a new video game during a study break, or playing tennis after memorizing a big speech. Now you’ll have an excuse to book that trip to Paris — it’ll help you learn French très vite.

Tip 4: Eat More Fruits & Veggies
Add “overall mood boost” to the list of reasons to eat fresh produce each day. Researchers at the University of Warwick found that happiness benefits increased with each extra daily portion of fruit and vegetables (up to 8 portions). They think the antioxidants in these foods are the key. To make sure your life satisfaction meter is always on “full,” buy less-perishable frozen fruits and vegetables to have on hand all winter long.

Written by Yelena Shuster

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