In our professional lives, we may be asked to create a presentation for a meeting, event, etc. Wouldn’t it be great to make something that not only engages the audience, but resonates with them long after it’s over?

At Alex and Ani University (AAU), we are thrilled to offer a course on Prezi, a cutting edge presentation platform that uses a Zoom User Interface (ZUI) to impact viewers like never before. The course is taught by Kenneth Chabert, Prezi designer and instructor. He is a certified independent expert and known at AAU as “Prezi Master.”

We recently caught up with Chabert to talk about his role and passion for Prezi, what he hopes students take away from class, and how Prezi can transform the way you present information in the workplace forever.


What is your background and how does it contribute to your role as “Prezi Master” at AAU?

I was awarded the Martin Luther King, Jr. scholarship to Providence College and earned a B.S. in Management. After graduation, I worked in the sales/finance industry for a few years.

My sales background contributes greatly to my role as Alex and Ani University’s (AAU’s) “Prezi Master” because it has influenced my ability to create convincing visual presentations. As a salesperson, one has a very limited window of time to make an impactful first impression and show competence within a work role. Each Prezi that I create leaves a positive, lasting impression while simultaneously displaying my subject matter expertise.

What is the history of Prezi? What first piqued your interest in this storytelling tool?

Prezi is a Hungarian software company which produces a storytelling tool that uses a virtual canvas for presenting ideas. It’s the only presentation tool that uses a Zoom User Interface (ZUI), which helps make presentations more impactful by zooming in and out of content. Prezi was officially established in 2009 by co-founders Adam Somlai-Fischer, Peter Halacsy and Peter Arvai, and now has over 30 million users.

I was interested in Prezi because it allowed me to fully express myself while presenting my ideas to virtual or live audiences. I could add pictures, text, and videos to capture my audience’s attention, and then zoom in and out to emphasize major points. It doesn’t get any better than that when presenting!

Other visual presentation tools don’t have the ability to regain attention if the audience becomes disinterested. Prezi’s ZUI abilities allow your audience to feel as if they are a part of the presentation, which decreases the “boredom” factor.

What is the ultimate goal of having Prezi classes at AAU?

The ultimate goal of offering Prezi at AAU is to continue to develop the public speaking skills of Alex and Ani’s leaders and associates. My students learn how to strategically create a story-within-a-story in their presentations. This strategy fully engages the audience while allowing presenters to express the major points within their presentation.

Alex and Ani is a technologically advanced company, so our presentations should reflect this by using the best presentation tool out right now, which I believe, is Prezi.

How can one apply Prezi skills to his or her job?

Prezi can be used to organize your thoughts during a task. You can place information into a Prezi and connect the main points through movement. Also, it will make information from a meeting last longer because Prezies are saved and accessed through a cloud.

Prezi will increase your creativity and sharpen your problem solving skills. It increases your spatial intelligence as well, so you can make sense of environments and patterns quicker than usual.

How does Prezi relate to Alex and Ani’s message of positive energy?

Prezi relates to Alex and Ani’s message of positive energy because, like Alex and Ani, Prezi delivers positive energy to the audience. It is all about leaving a positive impact. Both Alex and Ani and Prezi deliver meaning-making experiences, which is why Prezi works wonderfully as a presentation platform.

To learn more about Prezi and how to register for classes, visit Alex and Ani University’s website.

Follow Kenneth Chabert on Twitter: @PreziMasterAAU

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