This month has a major theme to it — finding what sets your soul on fire. All the planetary energy this month guides you to finding your magic and purpose, even if it starts off as a small whisper in your mind. This is the divine time to go deep into it and explore. If you’ve been wondering why you’re on this Earth, or what your purpose is, or even how you can feel more fulfilled — now is your time to learn it and own it. Opportunity is calling… are you ready to answer?


June 12th — Mercury Enters Cancer
You may notice that it is harder to be objective about any information coming your way. Mercury is in charge of our thoughts and communication, and giving and receiving information. Cancer is the sign of the mother — the sensitive water sign that is fiercely nurturing and loves family and home. When Mercury enters this emotional and protective sign, you can expect to search for deep and meaningful conversation that is personal to you. The way you think and speak will be much more emotionally charged than usual until the end of the month. Use this opportunity this month to find what feeds you on a soul level and go deep into researching it and living it. 

June 13th — New Moon in Gemini and Venus Enters Leo
This is a particularly chatty new moon. Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is all about communication, social interaction, and thinking processes. Venus, the planet of love, enters lion-hearted Leo as well. For the next few weeks, love will be proud, fun, passionate, and you may find yourself more outgoing and flirtatious.

A perfect new moon reflection is to think about something you’ve always been interested in but never explored deeply. This is the perfect opportunity to embody it. Remember — nothing you’re attracted to is an accident. Follow your passions, even if it starts off as a small spark inside of you. This is the first step towards finding your magic. Plant the seeds now to be closer to the person you’ve always wanted to be, with all the insights and wisdom you can get. Now is the time — go for it.

June 18th — Neptune Retrograde
Neptune stations retrograde on this day until November 24th, 2018. Retrograde means that the energy of the planet shifts. It usually has a bad rap, as you may have noticed with Mercury retrograde. However, it is a cosmic opportunity to gain a different perspective. In fact, this particular retrograde is an amazing chance to go into your own spiritual beliefs and develop them fully. These next few months are about soul growth. You may find yourself thrusted into reality as your fears and illusions fade away and you can see clarity like never before. Pay attention to the reality of your life — it can be a positively jarring experience to see your life for exactly how it is, without the stories you’ve created for yourself. A weight off your chest will be lifted. Fear will fade. You may find your mind daydreaming more than usual, so be sure to do frequent grounding exercises.

If you choose to, you can step into your power and create the exact opportunities you want for yourself. To truly own this time, channel your passions and creativity into your daily life. Follow the positive feelings — the things that make you feel alive and good. This is a time of truth. Own it.

June 21st — Summer Solstice Sun Enters Cancer
Happy solar return, sweet Cancer! Cancer is ruled by the moon, representing emotions and your deep, inner self. Having it fall right on the summer solstice is powerful. The summer solstice is all about your personal power. It calls on you to ignite your inner fire and immerse yourself in the serendipitous magic of summer change. The sun in Cancer invites you to go deep into your feelings, and the solstice asks you to go outside and let the rays of the sun burn away what doesn’t serve you and fill you with what ignites your heart. Is anyone else sensing a theme for this month? Find your magic. The glory of the sun and the magic of your being can team up for a powerful happening — when you are open to the power, it will find and fulfill you infinitely. Now is the time to fully immerse yourself in what will make you feel alive.

On this day, set time aside to be outside and reflect on yourself. Let your mind wander to your daydreams — where does it go? Maybe you’re a singer on a stage, or you’re deep into a loving relationship, or you are studying something you’ve always wanted to explore. Wherever your thoughts go, follow it. Light a fire if you can and gaze into the dancing flames. You are as alive as that fire. Take the first tiny step into going to your wildest daydreams. Anything you want is attainable as long as you go for it and now is that time.

June 26th — Mars Retrograde
Mars is the very masculine planet of force, action, and desire. When it stations retrograde,  which will last until August 27th, it means that you have the opportunity to see how you react to situations. Make sure to take note of what and how you are reacting to anger. You might feel like you want to set things out during this time, but it is notably not the best time to do so. Resist the urge for impulsivity or immediate reactions or actions. The next few months are an opportune time to get in integrity with your moral ideals and walk your talk. Be patient with yourself in others, and reflect on how you could be the best team player you can be. Life is about creation, and there’s no better way to do it then to build with others.

June 28th — Full Moon in Capricorn
Capricorn is the sign of hard work and drive, and the full moon is all about completion and illumination. Keep in mind that Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Mars are all retrograde right now. That means a lot of inward healing is to be expected. You may find yourself in situations that illuminate areas where you need to look at to heal.

If you want to rock this time, start with owning all of your strengths and all of your weaknesses. Take responsibility for it all. Now — rewrite your story. Any feelings of guilt, blame, and shame need to be redefined and addressed. This is the first step toward getting into your power. Remember that you are here with purpose, and in order to fulfill your duties here, you have to be fully and presently you. Don’t strive for perfection, embrace wholeness, starting with honoring every part of yourself. Balance the forces of surrender and action in your healing process. Remember also that healing is not always pleasant, it can be messy and seemingly convoluted. However, it is always powerful and beneficial. Ride the cosmic wave and release what has been long buried and holding you back this full moon. The energy of this moon is intense and strong, which will give you strength to follow through with everything you have set in motion gracefully.

June 29th — Mercury Enters Leo
For the next few weeks, expect your thoughts and communication to be grand. Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, enters Leo, the proud fire sign that loves grand acts and attention. The way you speak can be more persuasive and dramatic, and you may have more of an influential spark and be more convincing. This is a time of communicating confidently. Take advantage of these next few weeks by sharing your enthusiasm with others to inspire them, and making sure you listen to others just as enthusiastically as you speak. Balance, baby!

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