Welcome to July! With Mercury stationing retrograde, a total lunar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse, and Leo season among us, this month becomes a fiery one, filled with action and release and owning who you are by being who you want to be. Are you ready to be in tune with the moon and one with the sun?


July 1st to July 22nd is ruled by the water sign Cancer. All about connection, Cancers’s energy makes it a potent time to develop new friendships and relationships, and deepen the ones you have. On July 22nd to the end of the month, lion-hearted Leo takes over increasing the already passionate energy tenfold. Leo’s fiery energy is about confidence, power, and courageousness. The marriage of these sign’s energies this month makes for an opportune time for deep, caring, loving, and powerful endeavors. Feel the solar strength of these signs guiding you towards love in every part of your life.

It is no coincidence that July’s birthstone is the Light Siam Crystal — a rich red that evokes passion, vitality, and deep love. Anytime you might feel the need for some life-force, wear this stone and let it remind you of what sets your heart on fire. Follow that blaze and let it guide you clearly and confidently to your soul’s true path.

Soul Number
July is number seven — for the mystical, the wise, and the divine. This number is unique, as it fuses together the deeply spiritual with the analytical. Channel this energy when you are researching, dreaming, and doing. People who embody this soul number naturally develop their inner wisdom and set it out into the world. Always be sure to go outdoors and connect with the spiritual forces around you.

Time to Feel it All to Heal it All
With a new moon and partial solar eclipse on July 12th, Mercury retrograde on July 26th, and a full moon and total lunar eclipse on July 27th, this month invites you to go deep into your feelings and find your truth. This is the perfect month to practice mindfulness in relationships, at work, and towards yourself and to dig deeper through feelings like anger to get to what you’re truly feeling, and then take action to nourish it.

Plant the seeds on the new moon for a life of joy by writing out all that makes you truly happy and take the first steps into incorporating those into your daily routine. Then, on the full moon, release anger in a healthy and appropriate way by feeling it, sitting with it, and getting to the bottom of where it is stemming from. See what comes up for you. With Mercury retrograde just the day before, it becomes a divine time of being with your own thoughts and self before you try and communicate it to others. See the truth in it all. For more important astrological happenings this month, check out the Energy Forecast!

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Ani Ferlise
Written by Ani Ferlise
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