Welcome to July! With Mercury stationing retrograde, a total lunar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse, and Leo season among us, this month becomes a fiery one, filled with action and release and owning who you are by being who you want to be. Are you ready to be in tune with the moon and one with the sun? Check out the important dates this month has to offer!


July 9th — Venus enters Virgo
Venus is the planet of love and romance. When it enters Virgo, the way we give and receive love becomes everything Virgo is — earthy, sensual, and extremely practical. You may feel the need to express love through acts of service like cleaning the house or may receive love by simply having your loved ones show up for you and be a grounding force in your life. When the planet of love aligns with this sign of earthy practicality, love becomes an action word more than every before.

While Virgo is intelligent, conscientious, and sensual, the flip side of Virgo can also be irritable, critical, and a bit negative. Be gentle and mindful with your loved ones. Remember to be the love you want to receive. Be an example of the kind of love you need so there is no question on how others can show up for you. When Venus is in Virgo for these next few weeks, embody that grounding force of love.


July 12th — New Moon in Cancer and Partial Solar Eclipse
Happy new moon, my loves! The new moon in cancer is a deeply emotional time of going inward, feeling cozy, held, and protected, and feeling all the feels. Cancer is the mother of the zodiac and is nourishing, protective, in-tune, and sensitive. Since Pluto in Capricorn just went direct (see above), this new moon is all about finding a balance between work and home life. Since Cancer is a water sign, and the new moon invites people to go inward and feel it all, a lot of emotions may come up. The new moon is all about starting, initiating, and getting really clear on what you need and how to get there. A partial solar eclipse intensifies this moon, and makes in the perfect opportunity to lay the foundation of the life you want.

Tonight, feel into every part of yourself. Start off with the physical. Sit in a quiet place, take a deep breath, and start with feeling your feet on the ground. Move slowly up your body, tuning into all the sensations and physical feelings. Then, put on your favorite songs that make you feel and think. What comes up for you? Nothing that pops in your mind is an accident. Have a good cry, have a good laugh, get swept away in nostalgia, then come back home to yourself. You’ve come so far. Make a list of all the things that make you feel comforted and joyful — and I mean really joyful, even if it’s your morning cup of coffee or going out dancing. Then find your first step to incorporating that into your daily life. The only way to get through it all is to feel it all, and this night is your perfect opportunity to do so.

July 22nd — Sun enters Leo
Happy solar return, Lion-hearted Leo! Leo, the sign ruled by the sun, are known for their fun nature, being the life of the party, being bold, child-like in the best way, and being proud and incredibly charismatic. When you think Leo, think of the alpha of a pack of lions would act. Even if you are not a Leo, the sun moving into this fire sign for the next month will certainly add that vitality in your life. You may feel more enthusiastic, energetic, dramatic, and need to be recognized over the coming weeks. My advice? Shine, baby. Take notes from the sun and be unapologetically you. Spread your light and own your inner fire. Celebrate yourself and be proud of yourself! It is so easy to doubt and criticize yourself, and when the sun enters Leo, it is your invitation to rock yourself instead. Be mindful of being boastful or egotistical. Instead be determined, expressive, and have a little fun. You deserve it! And, if that’s hard for you, befriend a Leo — they’ll help you out!

July 26th — Mercury Retrograde
Fear not, my loves! There’s no doubt you heard of Mercury retrograde before. With all the fear, hype, and confusion surrounding it, there’s no wonder you may have immediately let out a dreadful groan when you read this date. The good thing is — Mercury retrograde, just like any other retrograde, is a necessary time to take a step back, reassess, and get all of your ducks in a row.

Mercury rules communication, the way we think, speak, and interpret. When it stations retrograde, things can get easily confused. Electronics seem to break, brain fog can cloud you, and little tiffs and inconveniences can happen in relationships and at work. However, this is opportunity in disguise. Use this time to get really clear on what is for you, and what you should shed and leave behind.

Mercury retrograde seems to do the heavy lifting for us, it breaks off whatever is in the way of your path. Take some space for yourself and go inward. Notice what comes up for you. Maybe your travel plans went awry, or your hard drive wiped out, or there was a massive miscommunication at work. Take space and reflect on these situations. The trick here is to go with this divine flow. Mercury retrograde gives an opportunity to test your faith, get really clear about what you want, and puts you in situations where you can see new perspectives and gain new magic.

Remember, astrology is not fortune telling. It is opportunity for different perspectives and to make sure you are aligned with what you really want and feel. Let go of outcomes and focus on the now and what feels right. Breathe through any anxiety (mercury rules the nervous system!) and find the truth in any situation. Let your mantra be “flow over friction” during the next few weeks of Mercury retrograde and know — what is for you will not pass you. Oh, and back up that hard drive!

If you want more information on how to not only survive, but thrive during Mercury retrograde, watch my video here.

July 27th — Full Moon in Aquarius and Total Lunar Eclipse
We are ending this month with a bang — a total lunar eclipse. This is the longest lunar eclipse of the century, meaning that the moon is going to be perfectly aligned with the Earth’s shadow for more than an hour. What does that mean for you? Lunar eclipses have a way of bringing up your shadow, or the emotions or thoughts that you keep hidden from yourself or others. When the moon, responsible for emotions, stays in the Earth’s shadow, yours tends to flare up, too. This particular eclipse has a close relationship with Mars, which is currently retrograde, meaning tempers tend to flare up.

If you find yourself more angry than usual, remember that anger is an emotion that is the blossom of something more deeply rooted. Once you get past the anger, what is truly there? Is it grief? Is it pain? Is it sorrow? Go deeper into that feeling. Anger itself is not “negative” or “bad” — it is a natural part of being human! When it can turn negative is when you lash it out on others in an inappropriate way. Use this full moon to get in touch with the things you are angry about. Because the moon is in worldly Aquarius, maybe the state of the world has you upset, or maybe it’s more personal, like your roommate, or your loved ones, or your coworkers, or even yourself.

The full moon is about release, and the only way to release the anger or resentment is to allow yourself to feel it and sit with it. Process it out. Being a spiritual being does not exempt you from anger. The magic is getting through it and seeing the truth of what’s there and release it in any way you feel that does not negatively impact anyone else. Feel it all to heal it all, my love.

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