Meet the Warriors behind our new campaign. This fall, we called on real-life leaders who aren’t afraid to go within to let their light out. From the symbolic pieces they wear to the powerful stories they tell, see why these spiritual trailblazers are redefining what it means to be a warrior.


Tell us who you are in a few words:

Blogger, author, yoga teacher, poet.

What does being a spiritual warrior mean to you?

Being a spiritual warrior means being unafraid to be completely, unabashedly myself. We often forget how powerful we are as individuals, and in turn, it’s easy to forget how unique we are. There is no one else on the planet that is the same as you. When I most feel like a spiritual warrior is when I am being wholly myself and remembering how absolutely, powerfully unique I am.

Tell us about a moment that changed the course of your life.

Oh wow, so many moments come to mind! One would be when I started my vegan Instagram account in 2013, which eventually became my blog, which eventually became my brand and full-time business. It has been a total trip! It all started in an airport when my family left me in Hawaii (lol, but really) because I somehow didn’t have a ticket home on their flight. I had about five hours to kill so I started the account, posted a bunch of photos, followed some bloggers I idolized, and by the time I landed in LA I had 85 followers. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot now but I was flabbergasted that people cared and wanted to see my food! Ever since then I have been hooked. I love what I do, and THAT makes me feel like a spiritual warrior too!

What gives you the courage to keep going?

Staying in the vibration of love. When I am in the vibration of love, all else melts away. Fears, anxieties, frustrations, the things A few things that get me into that alignment are time with my loved ones, writing, yoga, and being in nature.

Tell us your story in three sentences. Who are you really?

I grew up in Sacramento, California as the youngest of four with the most loving parents in the universe who are two of my very best friends to this day. I always knew that this life was meant to be lived with as much depth, zest, love, curiosity, and fun as possible. I am extremely lit up by deep conversations with the ones that I love and by using my imagination to go into the depths of my mind and creating the wild things my brain comes up with while I’m there.

Which fall piece speaks to you most and why?

The onyx gemstone necklace, which I have actually been using as a pendulum to speak to my spirit guides and ask them questions. The piece was attuned to my energy immediately, so I feel like it was meant for me.

When it comes to picking pieces to wear, what do you look for?

I am a simple gal through and through, so anything simple and timeless is always my go-to. I also love subtle spiritual touches like Elephant Charm Bagnle.

Do you wear the same jewelry every day or switch it up?

The only things I wear every day are my engagement ring and a pink diamond ring my parents got me when I turned 16. Otherwise, I am always switching it up.

Tell us a little about each of your picks for your curated boutique. What inspired your choices?

The dreamcatcher necklace is another favorite of mine from this collection. I have always been attracted to dreamcatchers since I was young, as I have felt they bring good luck and raise the vibration of any room. I love to meditate while wearing this necklace and feel the good energy it brings me. Plus, it’s so cute.


Tell us about a piece that helps you tell your story/share your truth.

The elephant cuff shares my story because, less than a month ago, a medium who I love dearly told me these animals would be a big part of my life. When I got home from my session with her, this elephant cuff had been sent to me THAT day! Synchronicities make me incredibly happy and definitely say a lot about who I am.

Are any of these pieces gift-worthy? Which ones and who would you give them to.

I would love to give a LOTUS PEACE PETAL bracelet to all of my best friends to remind them how strong and beautiful they all are in their hearts. The rings are all to die for, and the dreamcatcher necklace is something I would love to give to my nieces so they never have to be afraid to fall asleep.

What inspired you to collaborate with ALEX AND ANI?

I love their mission, the people behind their brand, the spirituality infused into the pieces, and of course the aesthetic. It was a no-brainer for me.

What’s your favorite symbol and why?

My favorite symbol in existence is my Libra zodiac symbol.

What three words would you use to describe our products?

High vibrational, timeless, and spiritual.

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