New year, new energy, and plenty of new opportunity. This month is all about success — how you define it, how you’re going to receive it, and an abundance of chances to get it.



This month starts off with hardworking Capricorn, kicking off this month with practicality and a perfectionist attitude. Ambition, hard work, and discipline will feed your soul and make you feel rewarded by what you do. Then, unorthodox Aquarius takes the spotlight on the 19th. Aquarian energy invites you to rethink the norm and shake things up — this is a time to breathe freely, experiment with how you express yourself, and play with different ways living and thinking on a worldly scale.


Stimulate your senses and ignite your perseverance with the Red Magma Crystal. Rock this birthstone when you want to embody creativity, good luck, and motivation. January is a powerful time of setting things out — use this as a reminder of your own greatness and motivation.

Soul Number

The Soul Number for this month is Number One – all about drive, direction, and independence. January is the first month of the year, the first opportunity you set your goals, and the time to set the tone for your upcoming year. Embrace this month’s soul number for a truly empowered year.

A Month of Emergence

This is a busy Cosmic month starting off with a bang! The first and last days of this month have a full moon, and the full moon on January 31st is a total eclipse, meaning you have a lot of cosmic energy to get things done. The theme of this month is all about success and goals. Each cosmic event is aligned for you to achieve what you want. Sometimes the hardest part is actually deciding what you desire.

Get ready, get clear, and get going. You got this!

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