Today is the first day of spring and marathon season is in full swing in some areas and around the corner for others. As you train for one of the biggest endurance challenges you will ever face, it is important to remember that “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Standing for “Persistence, Strength and Heart,” the It’s Not a Sprint Charm reminds us that in the beginning of a marathon, your head keeps you focused with the notion that all dreams are possible with the right state of mind. As the journey progresses, the sheer will to succeed must move you forward. At the most challenging moments, your heart will undoubtedly take over. Wear this bangle as a reminder that life is the ultimate marathon for it’s the moments that make up the journey.

It’s Not a Sprint is available in Russian Gold and Russian Silver. Part of the Charity By Design Collection, it retails for $28 and is available in stores and on Enjoy!

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