Meet Shobha Philips, the brains and beauty behind eco-friendly lingerie brand PROCLAIM. When we first met Shobha, we had an instant connection with her. Her passion to create an all-inclusive lingerie options for women of all shapes and colors is empowering, and the fact that all her fabrics are sourced from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles is revolutionary. 

What drew us most to Shobha, was that she created PROCLAIM from her personal frustrations of not being able to find a nude bra that matched her skin tone. Growing up in the midwest, she had grown to accept that the color “nude” was a universal term and had to suffice for all skin tones. It wasn’t until she moved to San Francisco and living amongst so much diversity that she knew that she wasn’t alone in her dissatisfaction for undergarments that lacked skin tone options. It was at that moment that PROCLAIM was born. Not only has Shobha created a brand that offers a variety of nude shades for undergarments, but she also embraces the female form in its natural state. 

Shobha’s selected intention of Growth & New Beginnings reminds her to stay grounded and focused as she continues to grow her business. Our team invited Shobha to world-renowned, mineral-rich hot springs wellness resort Two Bunch Palms in Palm Desert, CA to capture her authentic story that we are honored to share with our fans. 

Shop Shobha’s picks of Growth & New Beginnings.

Shop Shobha’s picks of Growth & New Beginnings

Shop Shobha’s picks of Growth & New Beginnings

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Written by Tracy Trouf