Meet Rachel Pally, the beauty and brains behind the iconic, sustainable fashion brand Rachel Pally. Rachel started her brand in 2002 with a goal of dressing all women of various shapes and sizes through their different phases of life. Her mission to make women feel beautiful and empowered through her timeless creations. 

We invited Rachel to a beautiful private home in Palm Springs, CA that spoke to her personal style and taste. Our team easily vibed with Rachel and to say we all have a major #girlcrush on her is an understatement.

ALEX AND ANI: We are so honored to have you here today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

RACHEL: Hi! My name is Rachel Pally and I’m the founder, designer and owner of Rachel Pally clothing company. I started in 2002 with the goal of dressing women of all shapes and sizes through their different phases of life. And it’s been an amazing 17 year run so far. As a native Angeleno, supporting my local economy has always been non-negotiable for me. This is the city where I’m raising my kids and where I work, so it’s important to me that I participate in generating capital in my city. As a company, we also support women’s rights, environmental causes, and other social issues that are close to my heart. I am lucky to surround myself with talented people in all aspects of my business who share my commitment to quality.

ALEX AND ANI: How did you start your brand?  

RACHEL: I studied dance in college and worked in the costume shop where I fell in love with making costumes for the dancers. Learning about drape and movement and the different shapes of bodies, designing started to become a hobby for me. After making clothes and dressing my friends, I decided it was time to give it a go. I started with two rolls of fabric and sewed the samples myself in my bedroom in my parents house. 

ALEX AND ANI:  Can you tell us about why you chose the intention of LOVE? 

RACHEL: I think that so much of my brand is about empowering women through self-love and body positivity. As a working mom there’s nothing more important to me than the love I have for my family. There’s a new energy that love has brought into my business – and not just through my devotion – but its showing my boys that I can do anything through self-love and hard work. 

ALEX AND ANI: Can you tell us about what you’re wearing today? 

RACHEL: I’m wearing a new outfit from my Fall collection that is a kind of linen canvas. It’s super versatile and easy. The top is great with jeans and the skirt is great with the T-shirt.  

ALEX AND ANI: How do you pair your ALEX AND ANI pieces into your wardrobe? 

RACHEL: I love layering delicate bracelets and necklaces withbig bold rings. I felt like stacking them all together gives such a nice impact. Having a little hint of blue in the mix adds an element of fun.  

Check out some behind-the-scenes footage behind our collab with Rachel!

Thank you Rachel for hanging with us and graciously welcoming us into your beautiful world!

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Written by Tracy Trouf