Meet Rachel Denniston, co-founder of sustainable bag brand HFS Collective. Rachel and her mother Debra founded HFS Collective in 2012 with a mission to create ethical and sustainable, hands-free bags that are inspired to liberate women from their baggage. 

When our team first met Rachel, we felt an instant connection to her. She has such a positive vibe aura and a smile thats contagious. Our team had the pleasure to get to know Rachel and learn more about her the journey of her inspiring brand.

ALEX AND ANI: Rachel, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your brand HFS Collective?

RACHEL: My name is Rachel Denniston and I am the co-founder of HFS collective. We’re a mother/daughter duo that creates hands free bags that are inspired to liberate women free from their baggage. We were on a mission to make the fanny pack cute again and that’s where we started. No we produce all sorts of different bags, but our biggest focus has always been on sustainability. All of bags are made locally in LA., and we give back a percentage of every purchase to organizations that protect our plant and women’s empowerment. 

ALEX AND ANI: How many years have you been in business with your mom?  

RACHEL: Seven!

ALEX AND ANI: How did your partnership with ALEX AND ANI come about? 

RACHEL: I have always been a fan of ALEX AND ANI. When your team reached out I felt it was a very natural partnership. I am so excited to work with your team. I love your ethos, your focus on sustainability and how much good you do for the planet. I am really excited about this partnership.  

ALEX AND ANI: Is there a favorite bag style of yours?  

RACHEL: Yes, the half-moon and white sand

ALEX AND ANI: Are all your bags produced in LA? 

Rachel: Yes, we make everything locally in LA and are a company that focuses on sustainability. We use natural materials like raffia, organic cotton, eco-suede, and vegan materials made from recycled plastic bottles. When you have a brand you become aware of the materials that you use. if you care about the planet and the people then it’s important to use more responsible materials. It’s exciting how much interest and care there is about sustainability. 

Rachel leans towards minimalistic styling and accessorizes with pieces that don’t overpower one another. She gravitated to our new fall gemstone necklaces that paired beautifully with her half moon crossover bag. She paired her look with a bold cocktail ring and Snowdrop Earrings from our Vintage Sixty-Six collection. Below she wears the Joya dress from eco-friendly fashion brand Aliya Wanek​ which she tops off with a straw fedora hat from Gigi Pip.

[above] Rachel embracing our Vintage Sixty-Six collection with a Honey Matrix Cocktail Ring styled with a HFS Collective bag.

[above] Rachel behind the scenes at our Fall shoot, dressed in a wraynyc jumpsuit and a HFS Collective bottle bag.

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Written by Tracy Trouf